[ISSUE] Could not load Zorin Install and/or Boot after install

Hello there.

I've been trying to install Zorin Os (With modern NVIDIA Graphics), but just after click on the install menu options, the loader freeze with this error:
"hid-generic : No inputs registered, leaving"

I've also installed Zorin without the NVIDIA support, but when I try to first boot my pc, the same error is shown.

PC Specs

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5600G
  • RAM: 32GB
  • NVM.2: Kingston KC3000 1TB (Made a 300GB partition to install Zorin - Dual Boot with W10)

Thanks in advance for your help.

Gday @MontyCode , Welcome to the community,
Please explain how you made the usb drive,
Could be a bad download or setup.
Are you wanting dual boot, or clean install?
You may also like to read this,

Also try here,

Hey @Ocka , thanks a lot for your response.

I followed this tutorial to create my boot device: Install Zorin OS - Zorin Help

I'm trying to stall Zorin Pro (the .iso image i'm using is the one that arrived in the download email).

It looks like the problem is with my USB mouse/keyboard, somehow does not detect them and aborts the installation process.

Grub is working, I can choose between my Windows Launcher or the Zorin install (that get's blocked by the no devices error).

Gonna try looking a retro mouse/keyboard.

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Yes good idea,, connecting keyboard via a port..but the system should boot without keyboard & mouse,
i use bluetooth mouse & keyboard & had no issue's...
Try disabling "Fast boot" in windows Bios,,
Also did you change the boot priority back to hard drive? ( it maybe trying to boot from bluetooth transceiver :hushed:


This is worth a read:

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Agreed based on:

Human Interface Device - No Inputs

For P.O.S.T. to pass a keyboard MUST be present. That is the basic required peripheral in order to navigate the BIOS or OS.

Try other USB ports and ensure that the power saving is off for the USB ports in the BIOS. At least one USB port should be live for a keyboard. If it's a tower, this may be one of the ports on the front.

You may, after getting beyond this error, want to follow [HOW TO] Partition & Install Zorin 16 for dual boot installation.

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