Laptop not shutting down. Help?

Hi everyone.

First, let me say, I LOVE Zorin OS 16. Windows 11 seems stone age after using it for a while. I installed Zorin OS 16 on my desktop first, used it for a month, and then installed it on my laptop. Laptop is HP Envy X360 (from 2020) with Ryzen 4700U. I use dual boot alongside a small partition for Windows 11.

Everything worked fine for about a week. but then all of a sudden the laptop stopped shutting down, and I had to force it using the power button.

The weirdest thing? I did a completely fresh install of Zorin OS 16, but the problem still persisted!

Another weird thing is that during the shutdown process, the errors aren't consistent. Attached are 3 images of my last 3 shutdown attempts.

Could anyone please help me fix it? I'd really hate to go back to Windows.

Could you please test opening a terminal and running

sudo systemctl stop systemd-udevd

Immediately before shutting down the notebook and see if it powers off?

This could be a regression of sorts. There was a known conflict on Windows 10 dual boots and fast boot. I remember having disable fast boot , but only Windows shutdown was affected on my system as I remember .

I also face this issue. No dual boot here, but encrypted setup.
Since I have many important tasks to do, I currently cannot risk to break my system so I can't test the command recommended by Aravisian.

I appreciate your caution, but executing that command immediately prior to shut down is safe. I would not risk your system or the O.P.'s any sooner than my own.

Unfortunately it won't. It's a little weird - after I enter the command into the terminal, it doesn't really say that it successfully stopped something - just asks for my password, and then hangs there. When I close the terminal it warns me that a process is running (yet it didn't do anything).

Regardless, once I shut down after, I get the following:

  1. A stop job is running for udev Kernel Device Manager

And a little later:

  1. Starting udev Kernel Device Manager

And after that it just hangs there until I force shut down again.

Any ideas?

My thinking was that a process is hanging on the default timeout.
The test above may have helped figure that out, but I am still uncertain as you point out that you closed the terminal with the message that a process was still running.
Maybe we can try to backtrace the hanging worker:

Also, you may try booting from an Earlier Kernel, as you say:

This implies an update to the system (Which recent updates brought newer kernels) may be the cause.

From Grub, tap tab ot left shift or esc to bring up Advanced Options for Zorin and then choose an earlier kernel.

If earlier kernel works, please see here:

You're a lifesaver. (Ok ok, you actually just saved me from the horrors of Microsoft)

Indeed the issue turned out to be caused by the new kernel version. Once I booted with the earlier kernel, the device shuts down without any problems.

I've made the old kernel default. Thank you!

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which kernel did you use?

Any chance this gets fixed by an update to an ever newer kernel?
ZorinOS is partially made for Linux Beginners and I think it is too complex for them to make manual changes to the kernel.

Also, since this is the 2nd "bigger" bug I face (1st was missing icons in status bar), I recommend a beta-channel for updates since they seem to partially break systems quite often.

It depends on what you mean by making manual changes to the kernel. If you mean recompiling, you would have a point. But rolling back to an earlier working version is entirely within the bounds of being a "beginner".

There was an update released a couple of days ago which fixed the issue without having me to revert something. Thank you!

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