Linux vs. Windows

@FrenchPress For you! My collection of floppy disks for my C64...


There's something strange in the neighborhood, too many uncontrolled floppies, who you gonna call? Floppy Busters!


From another forum

Its a different website whatever it is, I do not know that person. But at the very least what I am getting from it are two things.

(1) The person tried to stick with Windows11 to maybe have some fun tweaking. But he then realized that he couldn't tweak as much as he wanted, so he got frustrated.

(2) While it doesn't say this directly in his post, I think he's at his breaking point, and is ready to come back to Linux.

PF100, if you ever come to our forum, we will welcome you in open arms to Zorin OS 16, as well as our support group forum, and family. There is no need to be frustrated anymore, life is too short, leave Windows in the gutter where it belongs, and live happy with Zorin OS instead.

Yeah. I remember that Atari 65XL then this box from 5.25" i changed for cd plates.

I found some parts from front panel. Some one not original. Inside parts mostly only power supply original.


Looks like a home use NAS box.

It was the same PC what you saw on desk with small fan noctua.

Its more the part microsoft wants more control by enable things that got disabled. I read alot of messages lately about things like that haha. Glad i did not install that OS on my system.


This I saw from w10 that why I refuse. I stopped with w7. One what is awesome linux can working from pendrive on any machine for standard using without gaming or also with simple online a gaming. That why linux doing good jobb.
Open source could be leak a security but that why developers working on that I hope.

Well i doubt linux has many leaks compared to windows :joy:

Yes, because we Linux users have access to the code, hence OPEN SOURCE, and we plug them leaks at our earliest convenience. There will be no leaky pipes in here, no sir!

How many Linux Users actually look over the code? :neutral_face:

Not me, I rely on folks like you, thats brutal honesty for ya. lol

Hedging heavy bets that is the majority.

Well mamy comments I reading on websides and hearing Pop os.
I reading also AMD better working with Linux. Linus show NVIDIA a finger :joy:.


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Linux and Windows are just different tools I use. I much prefer the Linux communities that are actively developed around the various operating systems , but if I need a different tool I use it. I have never worked for companies that allow one to use their own computers or operating systems. Office 365 and MS were a mandatory part of my college experience as well . I did not see college as a place to soapbox for Linux. Outside of the IT department Linux was mostly unknown. I do love privacy advantage of Linux and use if for most of my home computing.

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I liked see all sides. When i have some experience,then i can wrote. No experience can be only silence.