My first step to be un-googled \o/

Oh hey! Mailfence actually got back to me with my query. (I emailed Mailfence the same question that I asked ProtonMail - they got back to me faster than ProtonMail did, I only sent Mailfence my question this morning! :blush:)

Do they take British Pound?

No, but they said my credit card company will convert Euros to GBP and deduct the appropriate amount.

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Kinda split on choosing Mailfence or iCloud Email. I heard some users using Mailfence got locked out of their account for some reason and never got back in. iCloud has good spam and privacy protection (or so they say) and I'm more familiar with Apple (makers of iCloud).

But what do you think?

This happen with all e-mail services that horror story pops up. So either way, you have to put some trust in one of them or setting up your own E-mail server and buy a domain.

iCloud gives you more storage (50GB) for less, and it's in GBP. Whereas Mailfence gives you 12GB of cloud storage. Both statistics are based on the basic paid plan.

I just went with iCloud in the end.

I hate proton mail now, someone just took my favorite user name :frowning_face:



Someone took mine, so I improvised with some numbers.


I just used my second favorite.
But I miss @ghostminator username :joy:


That happens to me a lot. I have to add a 't' at the end of my username on some sites because someone already took 'Turtle11'!


Yeah it hurts.
But I have this username on 17 platforms, So people try stealing it on other platforms :slightly_frowning_face:


I'm curious ..... you guys say someone is stealing your user names .... do you mean that when you open a new account some where that your user name is taken or that some one steals your name from an already opened account ....

I have never had someone steal my user name from an account that I already had opened and was using but I have had people use my preferred user name on an account I was opening ..... ex: I use Frog on here (and only here) but if someone had already used that user name I could use Frog2 ... Frog3 etc .... but it wasn't really stolen just someone else used it before I could ....

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We're talking about taking names :wink:


@Frog Numbers ahead of user name are not at all authentic :frowning_face:

Having a personal and special user name is like owning a trademark without paperwork :joy:


Well in view of Apple's spying I would never use any Apple product.

Digressing, unlike protonmail I was able to use my name with no numbers with

In terms of eOS recent update if I remove all the default search engines the browser doesn't work so I now use Qwant as my default browser on my phone:

In terms of protecting your names whether fake or real you need to buy a domain if you want to protect it. On PSN I was not allowed to use swarfendor437 as already in use so on there I'm swarfendor437010


At least Apple is better on privacy than Google.

Have you Tried Brave ???


I tried Brave except the developers are shady according to some research I did, and it is based on Chromium, so no.


Yeah the Developers do what they want but I think it provides us our entire privacy and control :question: