Neuron Icon Set

An Icon set with minature Application Icons.
The idea is to have a slim Plank with this icon set to minimize the use of space on the the screen.




only a word: RED PLEASE!!!

I'm not sure if it's exactly the same, but this one is really nice as well

I can do red, but blue has to be done first.

EDIT: I also looking for testers of the purple version. It's not complete, a lot of mime type icons aren't done.

I'm happy to give it a try, it's looking really good (am I not seeing the download link or there isn't one yet?)

Yes, me also senior Storm. I was already searching for the link. What do you want to be checked.

dear @zenzen, i already have the sith icons and the sith theme...

I'll test it too...

PM sent

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Got the mail, downloaded the files. But I dont use plank so, I'll leave it to the others who do.

Is it just the mimetypes you want the feedback for or also the icon in the menu?

The mime types aren't finished,so it's the other icons.

But then I would also mention the apps that I use and other users don't. That 'll be lot of work.

I once used your shade-green and white icons. Those covered mostly all the icons. I thought you would use those as basic.

I do, but not all of them at current time, as it's extensive work. The Zorin core/pro/lite and budgie is covered plus some extras, if you want a specific app icon to be in the pack, just ask :wink:
What's takes time is the mime types as there's a lot of them.

As you know I use gnome.
first impression, really nice. Your icon are visualized perfect good to be recognized.
As you can see the symbolic links on the main menu aren't there (yet)

Teh category web application I don't recognize going to look into that. The symbolic icons (right side of the menu) I'm not sure you can color other than basic colors? I may be wrong, as I don't use Zorin/Ac menu.

I'm off for some gaming (those monster don't kill themself :P), but leave a message and I'll be back.

Don't be bothered about the Web Application sub menu. That's my submenu for the themes I changed.

Gaming hahaha, letting us do the testing, right. Nice going senior Storm.

Those symbolic links on the mainmenu are the userfolders in the folder Places. But when I copy your files and name them with "-symbolic" they don't work. But still no problem there, the shade green and white icons also weren't linked.

I'm running on Ubuntu at the moment in case that makes a huge difference, also not using Plank so I did not download that. First thing I noticed is that icons are smaller when compared to other themes likes Shade Of Z.

Besides the ongoing mimetypes, some icons were missing, including some on the panel like the wifi icon. Mmm not really sure what to report so I just recorded a short video :smiley: It does look really nice though. I experimented with the wallpaper but while I like the one I picked, not sure if it's the right fit for this icon set.

I do need some time to have some fun :wink:

@zenzen nice video, though the missing wifi icons I have to look into.


No problemo there mr Storm. Did ya kill all those monsters, hahaha.

I have a problem while using your iconset my the folders in Dolphin file manager are not showing, the icons for devices are displaying normal.

Still in Nautilus the folders do show up. Do you have any ideas why that could be?