New to Zorin OS and not impressed

I'm still not impressed yet!

That said, I still waiting for the Zorin OS 16 Lite to be released. How long more that will take?
In the Lite version, will be Gnome be changed to a faster one?

I still run the Zorin OS 16 on that Acer AO722, besides the Windows 11 Pro, on a WD Black Scorpio 500GB 7200rpm HDD.

Zorin needs a half minute more for booting as Windows 11 Pro! And even the apps in Windows 11 Pro are faster than as in Zorin. Besides that, I've a problem for to get connected to my Samsung Xpress 480FW color laser printer and its scanner too! That Printer is connected directly to my wired network with fixed IP.

But I just like Zorin and would use it more, if it would be faster, special faster as Windows 10/11!

In order to help increase your load time you may want to try:

sudo systemctl disable NetworkManager-wait-online.service

This service may be unnecessarily holding up your boot.


Zorin Lite 16 will be XFCE rather than Gnome, I think. And it should be faster.

As an aside, I just got a new PC (my previous one was from 2009). I have dual boot Zorin OS 16 and Win10. Once I select one from the menu I get to a desktop in about 8 seconds (with Windows fastboot disabled).

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I just checked the boot time of the Windows 11 Pro and Zorion OS16

  1. Windows 11 boots in 1m 40s till all Icons are on the screen;
  2. Zorin OS16 boots in 2m 21s until all Icons are on the screen!

That is a difference of 41s between these 2 OSes! Too much!

The working in Windows 11 is also faster than in Zorin OS16, special as it comes to the Internet!

Both OSes run on the same HDD, an WD Black Scorpio 500GB 7200 RPM, and both run on the same size of Partition on that HDD (150GB each).

OK, the Acer Aspire One 722 with its AMD C60 CPU isn't fast! Just as Zotin claims to be faster than Windows, that isn't a fact at all, it's just the opposite!

Again, I'll wait for the availability of Zorin OS16 Lite! That may well change the outcome, let see! Any info available on how long that would take?

Thanks for any answer!

In zorin there might be a service that takes alot of time (mostly a network service). You can run systemd-analyze and upload the results here. After that run systemd-analyze blame and post the results here too.

Or try a distro that has systemd boot ? Zorin uses the older grub for booting. I use Pop! OS 21.04 and its 20 seconds faster for me then zorin os 16 (installed it on the same ssd)


Yes, had addressed that a month ago:


Ah oke, didnt read all the posts in the thread. :sweat_smile:

There are a lot...

While critical feedback is helpful feedback, this particular thread seems a bit repetitive, to me.

Speeds can vary by manufacturer and hardware support. My own experience has consistently been that Zorin OS is much faster than Windows across several machines.
Sometimes, we must remember that a statistic of one is still only a statistic of one.


Thanks for those answers.

Still, no one answered the question about Zorin OS16 lite!

In the meantime I installed Zorin OS16 on another three machines with a similar outcome: Zorin OS16 is all times slower than Windows 11 Pro! On all three machines, the HDDs are not SSD's and Memory is about 8 or 16GB while all three are having quad-core CPUs, both Intel and AMD!

That said, I installed it on a total of 6 machines, Laptop/Netbook/Desktop Zorin OS16 besides Windows 11 Pro. All installations were in the same way, using the same HDD with its own Partitions for each OS with a size of 150GB per OS. The reason for that is quite easy, I need to use for such testing the 'middle' of the same machines my customers use because I'm not in a position for telling my customers they have to change their hardware! Thailand is still a pure country, special in this Covid time! And, my customers are my income!

Old Hardware is what I've to service for to earn my living! No way around! I have to use what is available. I hope you guys understand what I like to tell. Thanks.

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The only conclusion I can reach based on your posts are:
Windows 11 Pro is very fast.

Have you compared Zorin OS 16 against Windows 10, 8 or 7?
Windows 11 Pro is very new and very exclusive as to what machines Microsoft will permit it to be installed on.

No one has answered as to when zorin OS 16 Lite will be released because no one knows. The ZorinGroup follows a policy of "Release When Ready".

Microsoft Windows 11 Pro certainly is in that position.


I absolutely can not relate, win11 has rendered my pc too slow, while I use windows 11. Win10 was lot faster and smoother for me. even the File explorer takes few second to open now

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If you believe win 11 is faster... than go to win 11. No one claimed that zorin OS 16 is faster than win11. What has been said multiple times, including by me, is that Zorin 16 is the fastest Ubuntu based distro available to date.

I don't know what your cpu is, clock speeds/cores/cache, or how much ram you have at your disposal... but my boot happens in under 40s for zorin (with kde) and just under a minute for win 10. If you have a win 11 capable machine, it should be booting zorin much faster. Your configuration or lack of will compromise that.

Once you're in Zorin, windows can't touch it. Lite will only be an improvement on this already fast os because of the lightweight de.