Old Zorin Wallpaper

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The above image was taken of the moon with a moon filter on a refracting telescope, with a Canon S100 Digital camera. The original Zorin logo made transparent so that the moon can be seen in the background - aka Zorin Blue Moon.



In my last install, I had the older ones installed via APT :smirk:

Screenshot from 2023-12-01 17-03-30

Wouldn't mind seeing them included though!

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Well, these are ones that I created for Zorin, some don't include the logo, such as 'Singularity' - when it was on opendesktop.org (now the dreaded Pling) it was entitled 'Singularity for Zorin'. So here is the link to both old Zorin walls that I created and 'Others'. Sadly I appear to have forgotten to save one of my favourite ones called 'Old logo, New Wallpaper'. Basically I took the old Zorin logo as seen in Zorin Blue Moon above and superimposed it over the Sun with the backdrop being the kids safety netting around the trampoline which comprised of ... hexagons! This first appeared (hexagons) in Zorin 7. Enjoy, disparage, I don't care!

[If I do find the missing walls, I will upload them]

Just added a bonus find on one of my external drives - 51 backgrounds from Zorin 3!

And in others, Oz Diamond Backgrounds. The artist 'linuxfreack' produced some of the most stunning walls I have ever seen. In particular, linuxfreack8.png.

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Some more old wallpapers in the old forum here:


Here are a couple of walls I created for Zorin 12:

Wallpaper designed with old logo:

A wallpaper i created for a fictional OS, Windmill OS (powered by wind obviously!) using Inkscape for the main image and top right using GIMP tools:

Above a Steel City (for Zorin):

Inspired by Atlantis (Part 1) by Aquascape:

Essence of Zorin_Monochrome:

Essence of Zorin:

Essence of Zorin - Orange:

Stormy weather in Sheffield, Tornado tendril descending! (Location, my back garden):

Found the missing wallpaper. This was at the time when Zorin 7 was released and hexagon themed - location our back garden - paddling pool draped over trampoine safety netting (made up of hexagons) old Z logo obliterating the sun:

A wallpaper not done by me but very nice too:

Zorin 12 Wallpapers: