Release Zorin OS 16

The usual lsb-release -a will not say if Beta or not. Nor will neofetch if you have Neofetch installed.
I think we currently only know the difference because Zorin 16 Final Release has not happened yet and when it does... Most people will know that they installed the Beta Version before hand.

This may have happened if a brief net drop caused the updater to not complete.
In terminal you may try running:

sudo dpkg --configure -a

Followed with

sudo apt dist-upgrade

Many thanks, bit of wishful thinking

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Seems like direct upgrade is ready to go on Zorin 16.

That is the testing Repository... I would caution against using it as a gauge of readiness.

Yes thats true. Just posted this to show others the developement

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Also noticed software app store had updates too: GNOME Application Platform version 3.38 and GNOME Application Platform version 40. both of this are now very close to 1gig in size each. Can Version 3.38 be removed.

Unless the ZorinGroup makes a specific announcement, I would not recommend it.
Gnome 40 is quite new and generally has a lot of problems. I am not sure if the current Gnome Applications as well as Other Indie applications have been thoroughly and properly tested on Gnome 40. It may break packages or cause dependency problems.
Frankly, I am amazed it is showing up in Software of all places.
Even Ubuntu 21.04 set Gnome 40 aside in favor of Gnome 3.38 until Gnome 40 is better developed.

On my copy of Zorin OS 16, I am not seeing that show up in either updates or in Software.

Lastly, for something as major as offering Gnome 40 - Such things do not show up Unannounced by the ZorinGroup. While we may find ourselves waiting for announcements on certain things; I have never, not once, seen the ZorinGroup release something of magnitude without announcing it.

I have included a screen were it is listed as installed

I do not have those in my addons... But what you are showing is Installed- Software Store will show all installed packages, even if those packages are not offered by Software Store when they are not already installed on your system.


Thanks for your response. Have noticed in software and updates that under other software unsupported updates have been ticked have i unknowingly ticked this by mistake, and will unticking this fix the problem or do i need to reinstall os

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Yes, I would untick that.
Then, I would recommend going into Software Store and removing those two addons. At least the Gnome 40 one for now.
Once that is done, then you can open a terminal and run

sudo apt full-upgrade

Just to be sure that all packages are to date with current.

maybe at 60 the fingers are pressing the mouse too hard
Sorry for the drama

Maybe, but the brain is in optimal condition. You zeroed right in on the probable cause right away. Unsupported Updates in the Updater had not even occurred to me. It might have taken me another week or two to get that thought to have bubbled up to the surface.

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That's the half of fun using a computer :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Also to take into account, how would a paying customer be able to do an upgrade from 15 to 16, without the concern of a link or download being passed around for others to do for free. Not saying anyone would try to do

I would think a clean install would be best, regardless. Although I really do enjoy the upgrades on Mint.

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Hello, I have an query. So, If I now install zorin os 16 beta, do I have to clean install zorin os 16 stable version when it will be available ?

The latest news on that front; Yes, if you want the full experience. But you can continue using Z16 beta and receiving all the updates etc.
I have a thought that the Zorin team may release something special on a Zorin 16 stable? Or some setups that are not availbe on the Beta. That's just a guess/speculation on my part.


Any idea when can we expect when are they going to release the Zorin OS 16 stable ?