Repair dual boot with Windows11

I need help.
I just installed (upgrade) from Win10 in my different SSD to win11 using the bypass trick for unsupported hardware. (TPM enabled, secure boot enabled)

However, after Windows 11 successfully updated and run and even receiving updates and so on. I tried to go back to Zorin by changing BIOS boot order. Returned error of OS broken. I tried disable Secure boot, same result. Disabled TPM (work fine booting Zorin when enabled before), still same error result. I can however boot to my old HDD Win10, just can't boot to my other SSD where i installed Zorin.

Is there a way to fix this, would using USB installation media before help me boot and perhaps from there fix the booting so my system can detect and let me choose either Zorin or Windows11 ?

That would be the route to take, yes:

@FrenchPress also recommends creating and keeping a USB Boot repair disk on hand.
Beginning here:


Yeah, I was just about to say, it would be a good idea to run a GRUB repair, cause it sounds like what the OP needs.

Also, this is a lesson that other's are learning as well, and that is that Windows11 wants to be the only working OS on a hard drive, it won't allow other OS's to function.

Personally, if you want my opinion, I would leave Windows11 behind, and this is a strong recommendation from me.


Using the Force Power To Increase The Force

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@StarTreker Yes, i would love to leave windows behind. At the moment my work and my kid online class system are all in Zorin OS, thus I am seeking help in his forum so we can both get back to Zorin, since it gives us smoother and faster experience doing our tasks with my outdated processor according to windows.

I was just curious about the bypass and would like to claim my free Windows upgrade just because its free, but i do still use Windows for my personal games, since some old games does not work well in Zorin yet (Dragon Age Origin amongst few old games i still love to get back to play, and the game is not from Steam bu GOG. and still can't make GOG work in Zorin yet).

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Ok, i will try this later when i get back home and posted back if I can boot it back.

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the guide fix my problem. Thank you again @Aravisian

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