Running a live usb for compatibility

I want to change my main laptop from windows10 to zorin but I am scared of the compatibility issues S340-14IIL Laptop (ideapad) - Type 81VV and this is my laptop with i3-1005G1. Will running zorin os educational version on live usb will it be enough to know my laptop is compatible with the os?

If your machine have a USB 3 port and Zorin live image is on a USB 3 stick, it can be used at a reasonable speed (but not very fast). If you only have USB 2 ports, it can be still run but you must be quite patient.

As for the compatibility, if the machine works with a live image, it should be able to work after the installation on the internal drive.

If you are not quite sure for switching over to Zorin, I suggest you to make an image of the entire disk with Rescuezilla before installing it to your internal disk. This way you can always revert back the the Windows without any risk.

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Also while downloading iso file is way too slow. Is there a torrent link for educational version?

If you are seeing a very slow download time on the ISO download link, it helps to check back in a little bit later. There are spikes of high demand.
The download speed is usually in the range of two or three minutes.

A couple of Torrent options in this thread, including mine.

I used in past with a positive result.

Zorin 16 beta is here:

Links to other versions of Zorin can be found at the bottom of the page.

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Always make sure you verify the SHA256 checksum of the downloaded file against the SHA256 published on the Zorin website. Methods of downloading Zorin OS - #8 by zabadabadoo