Screen flashing like old tv during install/formatting

Hi all,

So this is my first go at a linux OS. Everything was fine during initial installation, connection to wifi good, so I set the install to encrypt during formatting and now the screen is flashing off and on like a 1950's tv. It's been doing this for about 20 hours now. It's a 512 SSD - is it supposed to take this long/look like this? I'm willing to give it time because it's an old AMD processor with 4GB RAM (old laptop I'm playing with), but I wanted to get your input if I should unplug/try to kill whatever is happening now and start again.

Any ideas?

You can take a look at this guide for detailed installation steps,

Encrypting the Drive sounds very promising But, causes a lot of other OS problems and can only be removed by a OS Reinstall the Issue you are facing might be one of them or it may just be the graphic card malfunctioning :man_shrugging:
Have you installed the OS yet?

I believe so. Everything was going smoothly until I started to format the drive. I didn't have any issues getting the boot drive set up. I'll read the article you linked and see if I can trouble shoot. Thanks!

Update: From the link above, I made it to the final install screen to set up the user, but never saw the "Welcome to Ubuntu" page.

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Actually it is Welcome to Zorin in this case, I suppose you will need to format it again. If the installer said the system was installed, then there might not be a welcome page and system would have been installed.

This is the interface for Zorin Installation