Seeing error messages on booting after system update

Several weeks ago I ran a system update on my Zorin OS 16.1 laptop (Lenovo Legion 5) and now see several strings of error messages when the machine is booting up. They disappear quickly, and then the boot finishes without further issue. Everything seems to work fine once I'm logged in to my account. But is there a way to clean out the boot errors? Will they go away eventually after some future system update?

And speaking of system updates, I'm using 2 to 3 gigs of mobile data per month just keeping my Zorin laptop current. Is this normal? I got rid of my home internet service a few months ago and just tether to my phone for occasional internet use. I thought a Linux OS would be lighter on updates than Windows, but 2-3GB is on par with Windows 10 for monthly downloads. Maybe I should have chosen a lighter distro?

Anything like this?


Try these solution for the system update problem :-


Sorry about the bad photos, but my camera won't focus fast enough. Looks like BIOS errors?

The certificate error may indicate impending hard drive failure (bad blocks):

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