Show off your seating!

I sit in one of these:

Big improvement of what I used to sit on!
That said, FrenchPress stands for the best part of the day and really that is what we should be doing as we weren't meant to sit - we were hunters foremost in our earliest incarnation, and probably as long as FrenchPress does at his desk - 8 hours. However, the desk at home is not adjustable so would not work for me!


Thanks for starting a new thread :slight_smile:
I am not so sure if this qualify as a "seating" but this is a yoga mat where I stand on and a step where I place one of my feet (left and right alternatively) during the 8 hours in front of my standing disk (regular disk + TV stand placed of it).

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I stopped using a computer from a desk many years ago. This choice was decided when I wanted to use my computer via a TV on my wall. This forced my seating position in the end, which ended up being a huge benefit.

I used to use an office chair executive style, but after like 6-years, the seat deflated and was cutting off blood circulation. So I basically sit on a couch that looks like this.

The coutch seat that I have been using was also good for several years, until it wasn't anymore either. Every seat seems to deflate after its years old, don't know why, its like the foam deteriates or something. The couch was a hand me down BTW, I never bought that thing new lol.

So now I have a gell seat cushion that I sit on, you guys have actually seen it in a few of my pics where I wanted to take them fast and just didn't give a hoot about the background lol.

When your young, you have 0-problems with your body unless you have a childhood condition. Once you start getting old, aches and pains become standard, and you start worrying about your rear end more then you ever thought you would lol.


Yup I use a single recliner with a lumbar support device made for the back of a car seat .... us ol folks needs our comfort ... LOL

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In respect of Seating (should be a new thread I guess!) for many years I used to sit on a traditional office chair, one that was being thrown out from my wife's then workplace:
Nearest image I could find but the one I had was not posture friendly!
I now sit in one of these:

Big improvement all round!

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Why don't you start a new thread?

Mind you I stop using a chair myself for last 3 years.
I work standing on my feet over 8 hours everyday :slight_smile:

My study 20 year old chair. Still works fine:

I am going to measure that gell pack with just my eyes. My eyes say that its 1.5 inches thick. Yes, of course it works fine, with a gell seat on top of it. Can you still do human donuts in it? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Boss comes in and says, just what the BEEP do you think you are doing? Get to work, I aint paying you to get dizzy in your chair. I am not paying you to play Solitaire either. Have you turned in your TPS report yet? Well get on that, I need to have it in yesterday.

HAHA :crazy_face:


I used to work at one bank many years ago in NYC. I started as a teller then moved onto management later on and had my own desk and cubicle. But, as a teller I had to stand 12 hours a day at the window counting literally poo, blood, and guts money while doing other paperwork. As a commercial teller, I had to count upwards of millions by hands as the money counters aren't as reliable than our hands and eyes for larger bills. We couldn't do anything sitting on a high chair. The money counters are really only used for single bills.

When I went to another bank, it treated itself like a retail store so platform staff rotated in standing by the doors greeting people. I had to stand for hours on end doing just that. Oh, there were a few times where one of the branch I was temporarily stationed at were robbed eight times in six months.

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Sounds like you had some action Yuk, and it sounds like you got a little PTSD from it as well. You can still hear the screaming. Its like those kids who worked at Mcdonalds, 20-years later, they can still hear the french fry machine alarm in the back of their head. Its enough to make one go mad. So you play music instead!

A penacalotta, getting caught in the rain. :crazy_face:

You are absolutely right.
Before the cash machines got widely use, there used be someone called teller working behind the wicket.

The reason for me to go for standing rather than sitting was that I could not find any chair that fits me. I also had a chronic back pain problem.

It was not easy at first standing all the time, but now I feel more comfortable standing than sitting.

Human body is quite adaptable :slight_smile:

Being from NYC and constantly having having to deal with wackos in daily life is already enough to give you some. :joy:

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It is. But after I quit banking, I found out I had busted shoulder blades from the constant repetitve motion as a teller. Had go get a something akin to deep tissues percussion sports therapy to breakdown the surrounding muscles and allow it to rebuild. Had to do it twice weekly for a few months. It was painful, but enjoyable.

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My husband recently suffered a bad fall accident.
Luckily, we had a skilled osteopath doctor who managed to fix his back more or less. Now he is in a rehabilitation and told me exactly what you have described.

Good thing he's okay. I also had injury to my other parts of the the body more than a decade ago from one of my last ski trips back in Northeast USA.

Was going downhill probably 20mph/32kph, then a bunch of snowboarders piled snow in the middle of the piste and my skis got stuck. The compressive force and the safety design of my skis flung me off and backwards away from the site for around 3 meters. Good thing did, otherwise my legs would have been broken. I rested for two hours, then continued my week-long vacation. Also went on a few more weekend excursions that season.

But, I found out a year later I had damage as I felt my body movement and speed was exremely limited. Did MRI and X-ray, and found out two of my lumbars on my upper back were pushed bulged out, lower sciatic lumbars also were compressed and pinched a bit of nerves, and my knees also had bruised muscle and tendons.

So, i had the therapy to fix these issues along with the my shoulder blades from being a teller, simultaneously. Entire process took around a year, twice a week and around four hours each time. I probably only regained 80% of normalcy, and was told to not ski anymore. Next injury could be permanent. I'm so sad. :sob:

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I suspect you must be quite young when it happened.
Since you did not feel the effect immediately.

My husband is close to 60's. He felt the effect immediately and cancelled all his stage engagements for the entire month.

I'm still a little baby. LOL. I was around 28 at the time.

I felt the pain, but ignored it. I've always been able to withstand lots of pain my entire life, so thought nothing of it.

But, yeh, age does take a toll on your body. I'm feel it in recent years. LOL.

Your hubby is a musician?

I moved some seating related postings here from keyboard/mouse thread. :star2:

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