Stop Zorin (Ubuntu) Update Pop Up or any Pop Up

Hi All,

I have Zorin OS 16.1 and I created 2 users:

  • 1 admin
  • 1 users no admin (for my mum and dad)

I want to avoid that when my mum and dad log in (user with no admin), they see pop-ups appearing to notify for example that a new version of Zorin is available, or new software is available, etc..
They will get just super confused!

I will log in as admin once a month or 2 months, and I will run the update myself. I hope that will be enough

sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade
sudo reboot

In Software & Updates> Updates tab, you can set the Updates to "never."

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Hi @Aravisian,

Unfortunately even if I do

In Software & Updates > Updates tab, you can set the Updates to "never."

I can not remove these options:
Software & Updates > When there are security updates
Software & Updates > When there are other updates

Does these 2 options above still inform the user that some updates are available even if Software & Updates > Updates is set to never ?

I do not know much about Parental Controls.
So I cannot offer much guidance on it.

But I may suggest you seek information in that area - as it may be more suited to what you have in mind.

I open a thread asking about this a while back. Unfortunately disabling options as described above from the Software menu didn't worked out for me as I wanted to, but I rarely see any notifications and was okay with it. If you look into this answer it's suggested something a little more advanced but I never actually tried it:

Note, however, this is for Zorin 15.3 which is the previous version. I do not know if this would work so maybe wait for confirmation from someone?

I've installed Zorin in a few machines in my family and had the same concern. I instructed them to always install any updates that come up at startup, and so far had zero issues with it for a couple of years now. Since you want to take control personally over it you can simply instruct them to ignore it and close it always.