Storm's Oddities & trinkets

Now to letter "o". Which are is huge because a lot of apps starts with "o".

Github is up and running.

XFCE and Deepin is now fully supported!

Budgie DE is now fully supported. @Winged1 you have a lot of different Budgie Distro going on. Up for some testing?

Almost complete. Hopefully tomorrow, then comes the conversion of the icons as well.

I'm DONE! (with the first stage). Now to conversion to different colors.

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Sure , I have Solus, Ultramarine(Fedora Based), and Budgie in Zorin ATM. The installer for Ubuntu 24.04 has bugs so I'm not testing yet. Let me know what and where to find it.

I have a couple applications that don't have icons, but that's expected because they are snap or third party. Spotify, Bluemail

Spotify should be covered if it's flat or .deb. I can add Bluemail a bit later (next update).

Converted icon theme to Green and Purple \o/

Conversions is done. Now to making presentation.

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Storm. Terrific Job!

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Superb! :1st_place_medal:

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What you guys/girls think of this?



I like the contrast but still prefer the glowing effect from the Alien theme.

What about this, instead?



I like this one but the shadows are a bit too pronounced, could they be blurred or scatter a bit?

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came up with this instead.

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Yes, definitely much better.

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When you realized that you made an graphic error in all your icons and have to go through them all again -_-