Switching the Gnome desktop to the KDE desktop

I would like to change the Zorin Os 15.3 desktop to the Kde desktop (I find it much more Windows-like, plus it consumes less resources). I've read something about it and, apparently, it wouldn't be a big problem.
Could someone tell me how to do it?
If after doing it, I want to go back to the previous desktop, is it possible? how would it be done?
I look forward to your suggestions.
Thank you very much.

This guide walks through the installation process, offering several different options:

It is not a problem and if you Log Out of the desktop, you can choose which desktop you log in on from the login greeter screen.
So going from Desktop to Desktop is as easy as choosing which one to log in on. I have Z16 with gnome and installed Mate, XFCE4 and Cinnamon desktops on it. I switch between them on an as needed basis.


Thank you very much for your response.

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