Telegram new messages counter badge malformed - Z16 Beta

Telegram's new messages counter badge is strangely malformed on Zorin OS 16
Screenshot from 2021-07-08 14-07-47

Normally it should look similar to this

OS info
OS: Zorin OS 16 x86_64
Kernel: 5.8.0-59-generic
Resolution: 3840x2160
WM: Mutter
WM Theme: ZorinBlue-Light
Theme: ZorinBlue-Light [GTK2/3]
Icons: Papirus-Light [GTK2/3]
Terminal: gnome-terminal
CPU: Intel i7-6700K (8) @ 4.300GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
Memory: 2926MiB / 64257MiB

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I do not use Telegram so sorry for my ignorance.
Looking into this, that icon appears to include the badge-counter that displays the count of messages.

This thread seems to imply a missing icon in the set:

In order to really test this, I would need to install Telegram and then create an icon theme including the listed telegram icons and see what happens.
This would also require me to have contacts on Telegram to actually message me...

I would recommend forwarding this issue to @azorin or @zorink in the meantime through a PM as they are best served to examine their existing icon themes easily.

In the meantime I downloaded and checked this Papirus Icon Set to ensure that it contains the Telegram Icons in Actions directory as specified. It Does Contain them. It is a big file...:

If you are willing; it may be easiest for you to download this icon set. Extract it in your Downloads folder. If you downloaded the Master set, then open that newly extracted directory to see ePapirus, Papirus, Papirus-dark and Papirus-light. Choose one of those and right click it and select to cut. Navigate to ~/.icons and open that directory, right click an open area and select Paste.
Now, open Zorin-Appearance or Gnome-Tweaks and select the icon set; then test if Telegram notifications look normal. If they do- then we have pinpointed the problem.
You do not have to keep or like the Papirus set- this is for Testing Purposes. It is, after all, a set with "jucy" colors.

I have that set on all my Linux systems, besides I've already stated its whatever.theme independent.
Only on Zorin the badge is broken.

You have clarified as well that Telegram does not contain its own icons- therefore, it is highly unlikely to be "whatever.theme independent."
This distinction is important because the next suggestion is to try a gnome-shell theme that is not made by the Zorin Group and see if the effect remains.
The appearance of the panel and indicators within are determined by the css in the gnome-shell theme.
It is possible that Telegram itself is broken in some way, but I would suspect you have already explored that.

You had switched gnome-shell themes?

I have added "-Z16 Beta" to title of this thread to try and highlight it to devs.

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Man, of course.

Man, I just reached my limit of your Repeat Attitude.

Google your own problem.

Man, you are not helping and you don't understand what I wrote earlier, so go help in other threads.

There is a large difference between ensuring that you actually perform the troubleshooting steps and 'understanding what you claimed'.
A big Red Flag at the outset was here:

There is no such thing. Notifications are governed By The Theme which you repeatedly stated is Theme independent but at no time whatsoever state what other themes you tried.
It is not unusual for a user to decide they have eliminated some possible cause and then attempt to steer troubleshooting away from that. It then falls on us to try to gently steer it back to where it is supposed to be- which you have resisted throughout.

I can certainly understand you feeling frustrated that something is not working correctly.
But you need to understand two basic things:

  1. ) How items are displayed in the desktop environment.
  2. ) How to treat those that step in voluntarily to help you for free with Decency and Courtesy. No one on here is obligated at any time to take guff, snarkiness or insult. We are not Paid MS employees by a multi-billion dollar corporation. We are just ordinary members that you are not entitled to abuse just because you are frustrated.

Your resistance to following troubleshooting combined with not outlining the details of steps you have tried and being repeatedly rude to those trying to Help You means:

With Pleasure.

For me big red flag was that you don't even have TG installed (facepalm).
I will patiently and with decency and courtesy wait for help from someone else.

Anyone using Zorin 16 + Telegram, can you please check the badge on your side (and share a screenshot), so we at least find out if its a global or a local problem?

Who on the forum is going to have every app installed that everyone else does? That is not a red flag. It would be very unreasonable to think that other members have your system set up and preferences.
That being said, I just followed the steps you outlined to install Telegram - which I did. It extracts as two binary files- the Telegram app and the Updater. This method gives only a Standalone App, not an installed app.
I opened the Binary file using bless to examine it. Telegram does not use the system theme, at all.
It provides its own built in theme.
The same goes for the icons (Labelled as ticons, text-based images included in the binary):

Partly due to your use of a Standalone binary app rather than an installed app:

By installing the Desktop App instead of using the standalone Binary, the above Solutions Should Work. In addition to this, you would be able to change the theme or icons used, as well as use an additional Gnome Shell Extension:

Screenshot showing either the badge on your end is OK or not. Pretty please.

In spite of your repeated derogatory tone, you have been helped. I spelled it all out for you above. You shifting the goal posts changes nothing - it also will remain the final time I provide you with any assistance on any topic on this forum.

I help others on here in order to help myself to learn and expand my knowledge. I also do it because it is a good feeling to help others. But when it stops being a good feeling because I am taking abuse; I have the choice to Stop Helping.
Follow the above post to solve your issue and keep your demands to yourself.
I already went above and beyond, downloading some app I do not use and do not want to my system just to help you.

Then your free to focus on other threads.
I already wrote you that.
And you still didn't get it.
And I know you won't help here.
Aravisian, please ignore this thread and keep going.

Anyone using Zorin 16 + Telegram, can you please check the badge on your side (and share a screenshot), so we at least find out if its a global or a local problem?

P.S. Since Aravisian closed this thread without proper solution and marked his own post as one, anyone who actually can help please DM me.

Solution marked as provided and explained.
Thread locked to prevent further Bickering and fighting and allowing the O.P. time to review the Possible Solution post instead of dismissing it outright.
Will unlock after a reasonable Cool Down period for all involved.
EDIT: Reopened:

Not everyone has all-compassing knowledge to perfectly help, every time. We try. When a member offers assistance, you may find, "Thanks for trying to help" goes much further than Snide Remarks.
You're not alone in mishandling this thread. I am guilty of getting fed up, too. Allowing a Cool Down helps. I remain, however, utterly unwilling to offer help to someone so unappreciative.

The provided post supplies:

  1. ) Standalone app is providing the theme. Try installing the Full desktop App and testing that.
  2. ) An explanation as to how the app works and possible causes for a malformed entry.
  3. ) Options for testing. The onus is on YOU to test the proposals on your own app, not on others to test for you and then provide Screenshots for your review.

I know that, so this is exactly why I wrote that I will wait for someone who can actually help, cause all your proposals didn't. No need for you to hurry with a solution mark just for sake of sweeping an exotic problem under the rug. As an admin you should definitely avoid such practices.

I'm working as an IT Pro in a bank and trust me - I know how to properly troubleshoot stuff.

First, I've asked TG devs for help and they said it must be a theme issue. Hey, they are the devs, so I guess they are right, right? But after checking different layouts, themes, icon packs etc. the issue is still there so I decided to go to this forum and check whether anyone else is experiencing the same problem to narrow it down (basic troubleshooting stuff - narrowing the scope of the problem).
If anyone else on Zorin 16 Beta has the same badge, it appears to be a global problem then. But if others have proper badges - it might be my local problem.

So when I read to check this and that and I already checked it beforehand - I reply that I did and nobody should get upset by it.

Few minutes ago I also tested other TG install sources (package, flatpak) and it also does not work.

So, Aravisian, let me ask you 3rd time, please let me troubleshoot this issue in this thread my way, by someone else providing a screenshot of the TG badge.

And please remove your inproper solution, cause currently it causes only more confusion.