The future of Windows

As is usually the case, bad actors get away with their wrong doings because people simply don't pay attention nor care to these things. Until there are actual tangible consequences that affects them. The "nothing to hide" fallacy has truly caused a lot of damage.

Interesting read:

For those interested in seeing how much data it collects you can run this script:

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Yeah, exactly. It's not necessarily a persistent off.

I saw that, too. So the saga begins... Maybe Microsoft is just so numb to liability now that they figured, Why not (implement Recall)? Even if Recall becomes the most secure feature ever, I definitely don't want to be an early adopter.

Just wait for Recall+ and Recall 2.0 -- Windows will take screenshots of itself taking screenshots. And then it will take screenshots of itself taking screenshots of itself taking screenshots. Until finally you're sucked into a time-space warp in an endless matrix of screenshots. That would add new meaning to the old "endless loop" problem. I jest.

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I'm locked into Windows due to work and play. Like many other cross platform users I run Linux too . Change can be difficult and equivalent open source software alternatives are not easy to find in some cases. I stared dual booting in 2010 to avoid jumping through hoops to get things done easily. Running Windows on virtual machines is much more common than dual booting nowadays. I have different drives for each OS and my email client, browser, and office programs are cross platform.

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I was fortunate to be able to use GNU/Linux for my work during lockdown and continued to work from home until I retired as my eldest was in high risk category. I ran Windows 7 Pro as a VM, then later used my work purchase discounted Windows 8.1 Pro to update it. Initially I only needed Windows for Work email, I had everything else I needed running on GNU/Linux. I am aware that I was in a unique position as my work involved modifying texts into large print and Braille for students from pre-school to Higher Education. When I changed from FerenOS to Devuan 3.0 I discovered how I could get Evolution to access Outlook365, which was fine for my email but not for the shared mailbox where work requests were posted. I then also needed to use Windows for one other item, as unlike FerenOS, Devuan would not run Brailleblaster, I had to use the Windows version. This in turn meant me having to source a 32-bit version of Okular for Windows, which I finally did which had Spanish installer but ran the program in English, as Maths for Braille usually got sent in pdf format which needed Okular to extract to Brailleblaster. On a side note, a local businessman here in Sheffield had had enough of continuous Window OS updates from one version to another prevented him from using CNC lathes that relied on an app written for XP. His solution? He installed Fedora Workstation and ran XP as a VM and had no issues with this setup for his CNC Lathes.


I must sayed Zorin is doubled expensive from Windows.

You mean "than" instead of "from"? Not to nickpick :wink:
A Windows License in Denmark cost 995 DDK. Zorin cost the half of it.

I know the real price license what Microsoft want is 20$ the overprice comes from seller. Check the price from partner Microsoft how much they cost.

I also forgot to mention that in my last month of employment I finally discovered how to use Remmina to access the secure website to access the school's shared T:\ drive where all our work is stored. To do this I had to use Edge in Windows 8.1 Pro VM to download a file (cpub.exe). This had to be downloaded in order to log in to the domain. Under Windows I would need to enter my credentials 3 times. I copied the cpub.exe file to a thumb drive mounted in the VM. I then shut down the VM and the thumb drive was visible in the host, Devuan 3.0 running Plasma KDE. I copied the file to my /home folder, then launched Remmina, pointed it to the .exe file and voila, credential Window appeared where I had to enter username, password, and Domain name. Just one log in. Not only could I access T:\ drive but also my work desktop (Z:\ drive). I sent screenshots of it to the IT guys but never got a response!

Having Zorin and Windows on different drives is how I operate just now.
But that will have to end when security updates to W10 end.
I will disable any internet connections on the W10 drive when that happens.

I have a VMware machine installed on Zorin but have yet to make use of it.
Have been playing with the idea of making a disc image of my W10 "C" drive, and mounting that.
It's just been laziness that has stopped me going ahead and trying it.

My biggest disappointments so far have been trouble with getting Libre to work properly (Works great on my W10 drive) along with my slow start and lack of resume capability.

I have approached support about this but no solution yet.
My last reminder to them was on 08/06
(I have the Zorin Pro version)

Considering how long Linux/Zorin have been around, I am am curious as to why Libre etc still fail to work properly ??

There is a handful of applications with Libre in the name, so I'm not sure what app you are using.

Libre Office.
The bit that I need the most is the Calculator/Spreadsheet application.

Do You use the .deb Version that comes with Zorin? If yes, You can uninstall the Components/Program-Packs that You don't need. I did that, too. I have only the Writer and Calc.

My problem is not disc space.
It's getting Libre to run on Linux as good as it does on Windows.

What for Problems do You have in Detail? I have a Dual-Boot System and LibreOffice is on both and works well on both.

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You have Libre working on Zorin !
Glad to hear that it can be done.

I have found Libre on Zorin to be unresponsive and sluggish.
Clicking around I have heard that it may be partly due to my NVIDIA GPU.
So, I have been looking around at some AMD cards.

The spreadsheet part of Libre is a joke.
Colour formatting does not work and I am a bit suspicious about some other stuff.
The most glaringly obvious problem though, is the colour formatting.
This may be symptomatic of other problems, I don't know.
Getting this problem sorted may solve other issues.

I did also have the problem that some buttons wouldn't work fine, but that was on wayland. Selected Xorg/x11 on the login menu and the problem was resolved. So I'd say it's more of a fault of Wayland (now default since Zorin 17) than Libreoffice itself.

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But I didn't do anything. I use the preinstalled LibreOffice. I only uninstalled the Components that I don't need (Math, Impress, Draw). So ... it is simply running. In Wayland. But I don't use NVidia. I have an AMD APU (3200G)

I would make the same Suggestion like @Sorro and say that you could try it in Xorg Mode.

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No idea what any of this is.
Please tell.