The "." it is written without me pressing it ._

the "." it is written without my doing anything at all ._. It is not my keyboard because in windows it does not happen and I use a USB keyboard and it keeps happening

Could you please open a text editor or anything else you can safely input characters into and test as many keyboard characters as you can?
Check for any characters displaying something different than what they should be.

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In addition to what Aravisian said, could you also tell us in which application does this happen and which keyboard layout you use?


In all programs

What is your keyboard language layout set as?

My keyboard layout is Latin American Spanish

Did any characters mistype or display the wrong symbol?

No, they are all correct

At this point, I am actually wondering if it is the Keyboard itself then - has a sticky key. Can you use compressed air or Dust-Off - any method of keyboard cleaning you prefer - and see if the issue is resolved by that?

I do not think it is a physical problem of the keyboard since in this same laptop I use it is another Windows 10 disk and this does not happen, I have also used Android x86 systems and it does not happen either


Can you try using the English US or UK layouts and see if the issue persists? Try and see if the same issue appears with the English layouts.


OK I will try it

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