Things you should do after installing zorin OS

Zorin 16, has stunning features, an impressive design, and a whole new world of apps that will transform how you experience your computer. This is not just one of the best desktop Linux distributions but undeniably one of the best desktop operating systems available today. No matter if you are a linux new comer or an experienced Linux user, Zorin 16 will appease you. This system provides one of the best computational experiences out there. So go ahead, soak it in and enjoy it.

Commands :

Update & Upgrade:
sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade

Install Favorite Apps:
sudo apt install vlc gimp gparted 0ad

Install Ubuntu Restricted Extras (Media Codecs):
sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras

You'll be asked to accept the end-user agreement. Press the TAB button,then ENTER. Select YES with the arrow key and ENTER.

NOTE: These codecs are crucial not only to play local media,but for some online content as well. Ubuntu-restricted-extras are very important components,but they are not available out of the box due to legal issues. But now we have them installed.

Install Timeshift Backup Tool:
sudo apt install timeshift

NOTE: As I always say,there's no excuse for not having a backup. And timeshift backup is something that every Linux user must-have. Timeshift is a very powerful software. It has the capacity to restore your system from the worst of crashes and mess-ups. It can even restore your OS even if you completely delete your system. It's that powerful and having this enables us Linux users to tinker under the hood and play with the inner workings of Linux without having to worry about breaking the system.

You Have 2 options in the backup type, keep rsync checked and click on next. It will estimate your system size and then, you will be asked to choose the location to store your backup. You can choose any partition, even the partition you've installed the system. Totally Fine.

Buttt... I'd suggest you format a Pendrive to ext4 and backup to that. That way, even if you literally format your entire hard drive or burn it, you can get back your system to the current state with timeshift.

Install Preload:
sudo apt install preload

  • If you have 8 gigs or more ram, preload will do wonders for your app startup times.

  • This one is my favourite. Everybody has some favourite applications that they use more than other applications. Your favourite browser, the IDE you use for your development and many more.Now Preload is an intelligent daemon that observes which applications you use the most, and keeps them in memory even before you open them.

  • Let's say you use Firefox Browser a lot. When you click on the Firefox app icon, an ample amount of time is needed for the application to be read from the hard disk and loaded into memory. With Preload enabled, your computer already knows you use Firefox a lot, so it's already kept in the memory.

Improve Laptop Battery:

sudo apt install tlp

Just run the above command and you don’t need to do anything else. It’ll make your laptop battery last longer by implementing some power-saving protocols.

Firefox Tweaks:

about:config--> Click on accept


toggle this from false to true. This will enable hardware acceleration on your Computer,which is set to false by default on Linux. This alone will give you much smoother animations and scrolling. Your PC will handle larger websites much easily now. You can check out the performance difference by playing some online games, or just scrolling on Youtube. But that's not all. Let's take it one more step by turning on web render.

gfx.webrender.all -->

Paste this in the about:config page and toggle the value to true just like you did the first one. You need to restart your browser to see the improvements.

Note : If you get any kind of negative effect, you can just turn them both back to false.

Change DNS:

--> Now, it's time to bump up your internet speed with an optimized DNS.
--> For example, When you type in a website URL and hit ENTER, you might have noticed that there is a short gap before the actual website starts to load.
--> During that time, the actual IP address of the website you requested will be getting resolved. This might take a short time, medium amount of time, or a long tome based on the DNS that your internet provider is using for you by default.
--> Now you might have a very high speed internet. We are not talking about the download or upload speeds here, Simply put, we're talking about the time it takes to connect to a website. And this can be improved significantly by changing the DNS. We're talking stellar noticeable improvements here. Let's get into it.

  • Click on the connected WiFi or wired connection and

  • Click on settings

  • Click on the gear icon here. In the Ipv4 section, turn off the automatic toggle and in the textbox paste the, . We are using google DNS which is really good. It's reliable and resolves IP addresses very fast.

  • I have used many custom DNS and Google and Cloudflare DNS tend to work the best. I prefer the google one.

Note: Apply the settings, turn off the wifi and turn it back ON. Enjoy a faster connection.

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If you check cloudflare's ping rate, it is much faster and reliable than google's. Also, for all those attempting to avoid ads and google altogether...the ip addresses you'll want for dns are:


Do this in your router instead of in the pc so that all the devices attached are able to benefit.


Good it's very useful like me for beginners. Thank you.


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@anon91006645 - does this apply to 15.3 also?
If yes, could you include a screen shot, I work better from pictures than text. Sorry, no offence to you, just the weird way I am wired~ Or the wired way I am weird.


Thanks for the nice tutorial !

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Basic tutorial Mm, he need to include more @anon91006645 Keep including man.


In Improve Laptop Battery: Instead of using TLP, autocpufreq can be used. Nice share @anon91006645 Improve battery life on Linux (better than TLP)

set an optimization profile based on your machine needs

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How is it that it's 2022 and yet all these cryptic CLI commands are required to perform basic functions? I think I've made a mistake thinking that I should try Linux. I'm not an idiot, nor a beginner, but I have zero interest in every single thing being a major effort. This is ridiculous.

There are no cryptic CLI commands required to perform any basic functions, at all. You can use Zorin OS for years on end without ever once opening the terminal.
It's just that many of us do prefer to use the terminal due to its speed, easy-use and efficiency.
If you need some help configuring basic functions, please start a thread requesting how to find the settings you are trying to manage.

The title of this forum post is literally "Things you must do". It then lists a bunch of CLI commands.

You Must see this new movie...
You just have to try this dish...

It is true that in linguistic communication, sometimes our idioms leave much to be desired.

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Changed must to should do as not to confuse new users and to impart importance.

Also, I am new to Zorin and wanted to install my favorite browser, Brave.

I've used Brave for years under Windows. To install it under Windows, you go to with whatever browser you have, download the EXE file, then run it. That's it.

With Zorin, you have to open Terminal, then run a bunch of commands:

sudo apt install apt-transport-https curl

sudo curl -fsSLo /usr/share/keyrings/brave-browser-archive-keyring.gpg

echo "deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/brave-browser-archive-keyring.gpg arch=amd64] stable main"|sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/brave-browser-release.list

sudo apt update

sudo apt install brave-browser

This seems crazy to me. Absolutely insane.

You can install Brave browser in other ways that do not require any CLI commands.
It's just that the CLI commands above are easy to paste in, hit enter and run the installer.
In Windows, you would install it as an EXE.
In Linux, you would install it as a DEB. Or, if you prefer, you have the option of installing it as a Snap or a Flatpak.
In each case, you can run the installer which opens a GUI popup window that is pretty much the same thing as you would see in Windows.

The CLI commands are one optional way to do it... Whether you are in Linux... OR WIndows.
Because, yes, you can very similarly install software on Windows using the Command Prompt and CLI commands and not only have I done so numerous times - I have needed to do since the software was not ever made available in an .exe format. It had to be compiled.
And this was recently, mind you.

What is unfamiliar to you as a method is not necessarily madness. It's just unfamiliar to you. It's not the method you use or are used to using.
You can use other methods in Linux, like the Software Store, Synaptic Package Manager and others, too.

When I first migrated to Linux from Windows, my complaints were as bitter. I was frustrated often. I felt like Windows was easier in some ways... But Windows has other problems...
Once I embraced new methods instead of rejecting them on the grounds that they were unfamiliar, I quickly began to appreciate the speed, efficiency and ease of use they offer. As well as the options you get in Linux that you just do not have available in Windows.
Now, I use the terminal for most things. I prefer it, even. It is faster; I find it much easier... It can do any command I want, unlike GUI options that are limited to what buttons that particular developer allowed them to have...
Going from Managed GUI programs to manage Programs to the CLI in terminal interface was like climbing out of the swimming pool and jumping into the Coral Reefs in full scuba gear and unlimited oxygen.
For me, i'll never go back to the way it was on Windows...

I would encourage you to explore your options and enjoy the ease that software like Gdebi or Synaptic may give you, even as you expand your learning into new grounds.

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You don't just run CLI commands on Windows and compile an application. You do that in a dev environment. I get that some people do that. OK.

So in this case, Brave does have DEB files available (on GitHub, that oh-so-user-friendly site), but they don't make that obvious. I'm guessing their Linux user base is small and hardcore enough that this approach works for them.


Yes, you can compile and install. This is something we do in Linux as well. It is not required to compile to be in an exclusive Dev Environment.
It is only necessary to have the compilation tools installed.
I even do this now on Linux, compiling my own patches to the Linux Kernel, when needed. I do not switch to a another computer in a Dev Environment to use a compiler.

Any user on this forum who has used



sudo make install

Has compiled. On their own machine without any fuss (Zorin OS comes with GCC already installed).

Yes and since Linux is more secure, they do go a bit above and beyond with the keyring, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:
Windows does Dominate the Market. By far. Linux has maybe 5%. Mac OS is around 9%.
Windows controls the rest.
It is quite true that many developers lean toward Windows.
In spite of this stark contrast in market share, most any program a user needs is available on Linux. It is often easy to install - perhaps a .deb you just double click to run.
But if you run into trouble with a tricky installation, please start a thread on this forum. We are here to try to help with such things and every experience can be a learning experience.
Even the hair-pulling ones.

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Thanks! Y'know, some of these steps still work today!

Removed 16 from the thread title, as these steps are not version specific.