Touchpad gestures like in ElementaryOS

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So Zorin is one of my favourite distributions. And if there’s anyone looking for a distro, I don’t hesitate recommending Zoring. Big Kudos to the devs.

Recently the creators of Elementary OS announced EOS6 will come with touchpad gestures out of the box. And not simply gestures, but 1:1 gestures, which means the finger will be ‘moving objects’ on the screen in real time.

You can read or watch more about it on Elementary OS’s blog.
Or on YouTube.

Are there any plans for this to be implemented in Zorin? And if not, how could community push the devs to do that?

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I don’t know if that would give it any more visibility to the devs.

I moved this and the first thread I cited, earlier, to Feedback.

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That looks promising. I would love gestures on Zorin, specially Macbook like gestures.

I happened to see in a The Road to Zorin 16 post that one of the features of Zorin 16 is multitouch gestures. I would be curious to know how they implement it.

Multi-touch trackpad gestures for quicker navigation around the desktop. 4 finger swipe up/down to switch between workspaces and a 3 finger pinch to open the activities overview

There is also this project by Bill Harding that is trying to accomplish something similar: Get touchpads on Linux like on Macbook. I have been following it for a while and they seem to be doing a lot of progress.

I would just like to link it here so that DEVs or anyone not aware of it can have a look:

The goal of the project

Latest update