Trapped inside logical partition

@FrenchPress I am also not able to resize my current partition, i was once able to do. It shows an error like this. Screenshot from 2021-08-26 18-22-29 and here is my partition.

It looks like you have a "logical" partition, not "primary" partition.
I always avoid to use logical partition to avoid such complication.

I wonder if other volunteers on this forum could give you some advice. Last time when my daughter-in-law made this mistake, I ended up erasing everything and start over :frowning:

I know why this happened to me. Before i asked you, i inserted my Bootable drive of ubuntu and tried to install alongside Zorin. but after i rebooted, even after selecting ubuntu from boot manager, i instead ended up on opening zorin os again. after which i removed the partition of ubuntu. and this happened. All in all, linux is damn confusing for beginners or intermediate peeps

the fun part is after it said finished installing, i rebooted and it opened zorin os again :joy: i know a bit of coding but its of zero use over here

We all have to start from somewhere.
No one is expert till they decided to learn things by themselves.
Just like my fellow humans, I was not born with a computer skill.

I agree with you - if one do not want to learn anything, then Linux is a lousy OS.

The thing is that Linux is very vast, and hence it takes time to learn it.

Linux is just like an encyclopaedia.
Reading it though in an Alphabetical order is not a good way to learn it.

The best way to learn it is hand-on.
Try it and make a mistake and learn from it.

Have you ever heard of those people who learn how to swim without getting into water? It just would not work.

Oh yes, my dad says the same :wink:

something tells me that your dad belongs to the same age group as myself :wink:

what's your age then :joy:

Well, you never ask the age to ladies :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahahaha :rofl:

Atleast age group :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, joke aside, I really have no idea how to salvage your "logical partition trapped" installation.
I wonder if @marko94 might have some idea.

I also wonder @Gekkouga managed to understand my instruction before @100WCharge "hijacked" the thread.

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:rofl: @Gekkouga might have understood, as he stopped posting for now.

Not really , it was long ago when I worked with logical partition.

so basically , my suggestion, format whole disk to GPT, and than start from the zero :slight_smile:

GPT is also better for dual boot, your disk with 1 T etc :slight_smile:

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But my 1TB HDD has all the files, which i don't dare to delete. My father would scold me for one whole day