Trouble installing Bootable device not lauching, On a Mac pc

Maybe it's better that I reinstall Zorin Core from scratch. I created a boot USB with Rufus, but it doesn't seem to launch when I start the computer. I installed with Balena Etcher before, but I dread using that, because it seems to render my USB to non-writable and unformattable state afterwards.

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Have you checked the bootable USB Stick is seen by BIOS and is high priority in the boot device list.

Maybe also have a look at this advice: Before you install

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Try looking here,
Unable to Boot From the USB Install Drive

If you require further help.
Could you also tell us your computer specs or Brand & Model?

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I have Zorin installed on old Macbook. I was able to force the machine to boot off the USB, by pressing Option key.

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Yes the link provided in the above post, gives these instructions

Quote from above link.
On a Mac. Press and hold the ⌥ Option key at start-up. If you’re using a wireless keyboard, you may need to plug in a USB keyboard instead to be able to select the boot device.

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