Unofficial Manual for Zorin 17 Core Beta - Final - 22:33 GMT 14.12.2023

I have started work on the [Draft] Unoffiial Manual for Zorin 17 Core Beta. I have used the Unofficial Manual for Zorin 15 Core.odt file as the base point on what to work on. Only the introduction, Zorin .iso hash keys and where to download from sorted so far and deletion of items no longer relevant (PAE - which referred to PAE versions of earlier releases in respect of 32-bit versions).

As I have said, this is work in progress and will change to be the Manual for Core, once it has been released, it will be modified again and eventually into .pdf. I will try to also include sections on how to use Synaptic Package Manager, Installing Browsers from official websites, primarily Firefox and Tor and Icecat.

Please take a quick look - and yes i know the Contents page has not been updated!

Well, major issue, Only Office is messing with my .odt - need to look into this further.

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This is how murena cloud is screwing up my unofficial manual!

I think I will need to use TextMaker Pro 2024 to sort this mess out. It's late now so will look at it sometime tomorrow.

Awesome initiative.
But may I ask why you are using OnlyOffice for .odt?
I only use OnlyOffice for collaborating with docx. colleagues.
But if you're on .odt, there is nothing better than LibreOffice.

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It is LibreOffice! Only Office is what Murena uses for Cloud Storage so when you view other Peoples work it opens only office. I suspect they are trying to push wider use of Only Office as right-clicking the updated file now offers "convert to Only Office" . The Unofficial manual for 15 was created entirely in LibreOffice. I am suspecting there may be an issue with the version of LibreOffice I am using now, not sure. I am going to move the project to TextMaker 2024, at least I have a pointer there to group images.

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I think I have found a potential issue. The Unofficial Manual for Zorin 15 comprised of using Bitstream Vera Sans, which is not present in the 17 Beta - I could be barking up the wrong tree! Have had to install Bitstream Vera Sans to the System which is a pain compared to Font Management in KDE Plasma! Hey ho!

Perhaps it would be worth it to write this in markdown and store it in version control e.g., GitHub, GitLab, Codeberg, etc. This would be easier to convert to other formats like epub and also contribute to it, or download/link to individual chapters.

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I have saved as .odt from TextMaker 2024 and it is looking good! Can someone please download the document so far (3.0 Mb) and let me know how it looks in LibreOffice? Looking grand in OnlyOffice on!:

Link removed as updated - see last post below.

I can export to epub from TextMaker 2024, and to pdf. So glad I bought the full Suite in 2018. Have bought every upgrade since! I will even save one in .docx once completed!

[Link updated - have now covered all the Menu Items. Still have to go indepth on Zorin Appearance, etc. - 23:05 GMT 08.12.2023]

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I'm not sure what the issue was before but it's looking fine for me.

If you see the image I posted here:

You should get an idea of what went wrong!

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Please note that I have been working most of today to get a bit more of the unofficial manual for Zorin 17 Beta completed as much as I can. All Menu items in respect of Applications are now complete, and I am about half-way through dealing with Settings. If I have mis-described anything, please advise and I will amend accordinigly. Also note I have removed the .odt file - it is now in a poorly constructed pdf made by TextMaker - but not it's fault, mine for not creating a structured Contents page!

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The Draft Manual has been updated as far as all of Settings has been covered.
Will look at Zorin Apperance tomorrow. Currently 92 pages long!


Almost completed, just a few more items in Appearance. There is a partial contents page. I need to amend some text to become a Heading in order to generate an up-to-date Contents page. What I love about the Document Viewer that comes with Zorin 17 Beta is the preview of the contents of the page when you hover over a Contents Page item.
First the new link:

And a screenshot of Document Viewer:


As you can now see, my Unofficial Manual is now complete, forgot to acknowlege zenzen on his recommendations for hash sums - this is now incorporated in the Manual with a hyperlink to the Official Zorin Download pages. Rectified subsection Roman Numerals not in order (due to the fact I now have Games on Zorin 17 Beta!), and a few other minor issues. If any elements need expanding, please feel free to advise. I don't think this publication needs a lot of extras adding to it as the release is only in Beta, however for any new venturers into the world of Zorin who are daring enoug to give it a spin like I have done, I hope it helps. If I am brutally honest, I am lost when it comes to extensive backend stuff on some of the settings. I just like to use an OS and tweak it as i go along. Perhaps I should do a generic guide next, not necessarily around Zorin but around Desktop Environments such as Plasma and LXQt, let me know what you think. Just to add, the pdf is now viewable online without the need to download it - I think did not like the file naming convention with me adding '[Draft]' in front! The pdf is fully Contents interactive - Left Crtl+ left mouse click to go to the page you want to study. Enjoy!


Just remembered I haven't gone into any detail about the Dash or System Tray - do people think I should add this?

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I think, that is a good idea. Thanks for doing this by the way.


Hi, Failing drive causing issues. Have managed to recover .tmbak file which had my latest amendments! Phew! Getting late here and I need a break! So will be editing in Zorin 16.3 using a VM in 16.3 of the Beta!

If anyone is wondering, I took the pdf down last night as there needed to be some amendments.
My Zorin 17 Beta install is on second failing hard drive, so am using Zorin 16 with a VM of 17 to complete the manual on the beginning of the failing drive! Please be patient. Hope to have it completed today at some point.

Dear friends, members of the Zorin forum. I needed to make some major changes, not least of which, to my shock horror, that when I produced what I thought was the final document, a lot of pictures have slipped into the wrong areas of the manual, together with some additional work needed to explain the Dash (the Panel at the bottom of the Desktop) and most importantly, the changes of the structure of the system tray).
I was getting there last night when the failing drive I am working on would not allow me to save my work, not even, to begin with to an external device. Fortunately, due to my preferred Office Suite of SoftMaker 2024 Professional, TextMaker (from 2018 onwards) creates up to 9 .tmbak files a day (backup files of Text files), so fortunately, all the screenshots of the System Tray were there, but again, splattered all over the .odt file. I have had to open a new Text document to copy all the stray images, then Cut and Paste back to where they should be. In the process, having got to Printers, I felt it necessary that this section should start with a clean slate as to ensure Printers are removed from auto-discovery, so that you end up with multiple entries I have used the commands found here:

and integrated them into the procedure of Printers, and to do this so that when you run

sudo system-config-printer

You will only see this:


and not this:


(Replace my printer with your printer!)

Apologies for the hiatus, lot on my plate at the moment!

Taken down and started for the final release of Zorin 17 core

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Always a need for improvement and additions!

Addendum: I state in the manual about the System Tray on the right side of the Dash about the Triangle with a line underneath to show what drives are connected and to use the interface to unmount in order to safely remove. CAUTION I have noted that the safest method is to actually use Disks: Powering off is the safest option! (You would need to do this with External hard drives that need external power anyways). I have a Patriot 64 Gb drive with a flashing L.E.D. on the external end of it when plugged in. Ejecting does not always turn this L.E.D. off - I feel safer powering off:

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