UNRESOLVED - Broken gpu driver

Hi, I tried changing the driver for my nvidia card to a later version (495) and rebooted the pc. When it rebooted it seemed fine first, but the brightness is maxed out and ethernet/wifi are gone. The controls and options in the settings are fully gone. The problem is that the open source nouveau driver is now selected without me even choosing it and I can't change the driver because I don't have internet. And I don't know if its useful, but the graphics in about now says "Ilvmpipe (LLVM 12.0.0, 256 bits)". Hopefully I don't have to reinstall the os.

Hi Tom and welcome to the forum.
I see from your profile you have Z16 Pro (Gnome).
Can you please tell us which Nvidia card you have in your machine.

Hi, I have a Nvidia Quadro P2000 Mobile card (Laptop)

This item may help you whilst waiting for users with Nvidia troubleshooting knowledge to come in.

You can download the latest drivers from the nvidia site and follow up my guide

470.94 is a good driver, using it since it got released.

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But how do I install the other packages mentioned in your guide without having internet access?

Try to reboot, enter grub and use a older kernel version. It is possible that the newer kernel made a regression for you.

Do I follow the update or the install instructions when it's stuck on the nouveau driver?

When you follow the tutorial your blacklisting the nouveau driver.

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I can't install the build essential package and dkms because internet doesn't work anymore since the broken driver

Like i said before, try to boot into grub and select an older kernel 5.11-3x. Zorin probably updated to 5.11-41

I have no idea how to do that, all the tutorials show a menu, but I only get a bash-like grub version. Please help

For uefi you should press the escape key alot during reboot.

For legacy bios you should press the shift key alot during reboot.

I followed all the steps and I rebooted after switching to text mode, but it's now stuck on the hp logo at startup and nothing happens.

What steps did you follow ?

1-8 and after step 8 it got stuck on the logo

If you followed 1-8 you should see a login prompt.

Is secure boot in bios turned on ? If yes turn it off

I set it to "Legacy Support Enable and Secure Boot Disable"

Dont switch from uefi to legacy, only secure boot turn off

So disable both?