USB audio crackling while adjusting volume

My USB sound card (HyperX Amp) crackles while adjusting volume level. It also has occasional connectivity issues where it disappears from the system entirely and needs a replug in order to work again. Is there a way to fix this?

Disabling timer-based audio scheduling in PulseAudio (tsched=0 in /etc/pulse/ does not affect the USB output.

The only info I could find was this:

The kernel update in 5.7rc3 introduced a patch for this issue (for this headset specifically).

But I thought Zorin is already using a higher version kernel than 5,7.

I will ask @Aravisian

It is.... but the 5.11 has some regressions, we have seen.

The O.P. may try the 5.8 kernel - Follow the steps outlined in this ongoing thread:

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Ah, I now remember.
We are wondering why Zorin is using 5,11 which is not a stable kernel.

It may have something to do with a lot of users complaining about "Why is Zorin using such an old kernel. It's sooo Old..."

Be careful what you wish for.


My husband's MXLinux is rock solid. It is using an old and stable 4 series kernel.


It is true though, that a lot of people on Newer devices and computers do need a newer kernel. For some on here, even the 5.11 is not new enough.

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My feeling about those latest machines are freshly made wine. I'd rather wait for some years for its maturation :yum:
From my experience, it is easier to install Linux on 5 years old machines than the latest machines.

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Using kernel 5.8 didn't do anything, sadly. Still testing if the connectivity issues are gone. It also seems impossible to adjust volume on this thing system-wide, alsamixer does nothing while GNOME settings has a tiny (5% at best) ramp up with the rest of the volume bar being full volume.

I did manage to solve the issue at least in Audacious by choosing ALSA output and enabling software volume control in settings.

As long as people don't look at Zorin OS 16 and say, "where did you dig up this old fossil?" Personally, I think Zorin OS is pretty modern, but some users are having issues with the latest kernels.

Nope, the connectivity issues persist -- the sound card simply disappears from the system after some amount of switching between outputs.

Also I believe that I am wrong here and I just needed to choose S/PDIF output and not the analog one

If you are using digital, then yes you might have to choose SPDIF. Analog is only for the 3.5mm jack ports.

Perhaps @zabadabadoo can help with his extensive experience in Sound Troubleshooting.

Additionally, I am using HDMI, cause I am outputting my sound through my video connection, thats how I got mine setup.

Did mx not upgrade to 5.8 or 5.10 ? Thought i read about it today in their new releases.

There are two versions of MX.

  1. Original 4,9 kernel version
  2. “ahs”, an “Advanced Hardware Support” I think the kernel was 5,11 last time I checked.
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I can say that when I was having a fight with sound on Z15.3 (before I found a consistent, abeit illogical, fix) I could sometimes get sound to work by frantically moving the volume control 0 to 100% in rapid succession. That does make a crackling sort of noise, once sound is working of course. Bit like crackling on a old radio when you adjust the volume potentiometer.

I am afraid I do not know a instant solution to volume control crackling of this nature.

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