VirtualBox uninstall problem

I think secure boot and UEFI are different things

Unfortunately, at the moment, I do need to dual boot. So UEFI Secure Boot needs to stay on until Win 10 gets the bullet.

Is there any way for me to get rid of this message from the Terminal:

...and will I be left with a duff VirtualBox package if I can't?

You could install Windows guest on Linux host (secure boot off) or
install Linux guest on Windows guest (secure boot on).


Why shouldn't you disable secure boot. What does it actually do, i never bothered because i didnt noticed anything.

The question for me is why should I? The problem for me isn't UEFI Secure's that VirtualBox had an update and now I'm getting a message to permit the use of third party drivers that you see in the screen shot. I'm not about to do that and simply need VirtualBox to be uninstalled.

Rory, you are painting yourself into a corner.
You insist that Secure Boot be enabled, but refuse to configure it.

It doesn't work that way.
You need to pick one.

Now, that said: Can anyone here explain in detail how secure boot works? (I can.)
For a Windows only user, that is reckless and inattentive, Secure Boot can do some good. Secure Boot can detect certain Rootkits and BootLoaders. The problem is, the vast majority of these would need to be transferred (USB) to a computer that is off and booted up in order for Secure Boot to do what it does.
It can only detect unsigned objects. It's very easy to work around.
Moreso, the greatest risk to an Online User is their own fingers on the mouse.
Secure Boot is not a part of your systems anti-virus. It is a very basic build that is a part of the motherboard programming.


Me too i want to know

Respectfully, Aravisian, I must disagree. There was nothing wrong with my setup until the update to VirtualBox. After that it then insists that I allow a third party drivers etc as you see in the screenshot.

I only updated the VirtualBox because it was from the Software Updater. I don't, and won't, use it. So I just need to remove it.

I've no desire to get into a debate about anything as I'm likely not qualified to do so.

What I am asking for anyone's help with is to remove VirtualBox.

Kedric already suggested you run

sudo apt remove virtualbox

What happens when you do that?

Apparently Ubuntu ....

And in reading that page, you can easily see that the Synopsis I gave above is accurate.

I already tried that as you'll see earlier on in the thread. The French Press suggested I try:

Which I did, then a whole bunch of things ran in the Terminal screen until this:

I can't go any further unless I kill the terminal and it then warns me that there is still a process running.

So, I could kill it but then will I have a duff VirtualBox install/packages etc?


Please allow us to help you resolve the issue instead of insisting you don't want the fix.

I am afraid you got a cause and effect wrong.
The cause of the problem is secure boot which manifests itself as a problem in VirtualBox update.

Even we could help you to solve the current VirtualBox issue, you will hit another roadblock eventually when such update comes to your system next time.

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I haven't read it as it doesn't solve my immediate problem.

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Try this? sudo apt-get --fix-broken install

OP can try.
But I do not think it would help.
I first thought the problem was incomplete installation but then I found out that the system got secure boot enabled.

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I find it hard to make any sense of that though because I have been updating my Zorin 16 Pro system everyday since 17th August and everything has been fine.....with UEFI Secure Boot enabled.....up to now and this VirtualBox update.

So if I remove the VirtualBox update my immediate problem is

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You need to configure your packages. Something has corrupted or broken.

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