Waiting cursor with GNOME?

Is there any way to get GNOME desktop launch shortcuts to show the waiting cursor when you double click on them? It's somewhat annoying to double click then have nothing happen for a few seconds before the app comes up. I tried setting StartupNotify=true but that doesn't seem to work.

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It's strange, I see waiting cursor animation immediately when something takes more time to open.

Hmmm. I am using a recently installed Core 16.2. I don't think I have seen the wait cursor. I do get the waiting cursor when launching from the task bar but never when launching from the desktop.

Even more strange :crazy_face:. Probably here would be the case to set that as soon as you double-click anything Zorin loads the waiting cursor immediately, but I don't know what to edit to achieve it :neutral_face:. Then maybe there's a reason why the loading cursor appears with some delay :thinking:.

So are you using Core 16 with the GNOME shell and get the waiting cursor when starting an app from the desktop?

I see someone else has reported the same thing...

I can verify that this is the case with a fresh install of Zorin 16 Core. Apps don't show the spinning wait cursor when started from the desktop. But if I install and switch to XCFE, I do get the spinning wait cursors, same with Zorin Lite as it uses XCFE.

I get a spinning cursor with Cinnamon DE on Zorin 16.2 Pro ....

Yes, Cinnamon and XCFE both get spinning cursors but not GNOME apparently.

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