Warning messages on Startup - Zorin 17

During Zorin OS Startup, before the lock screen, it shows the warning message attached image above. Can anyone please help me to resolve it?

System info:
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz × 4
Dedicated GPU: Amd Radeon R5 M330

Looks like it might be an UBSAN error, coupled with the kernel version being used:

Is this after an update? I understand the kernel got updated recently, or is this directly after an installation?

Yes, after the update I got this error message. From last week I reinstalled 3 times. Finally, I realize it's because of the update.

It's not only on my device. My colleague also has the same issue in their system.
System info:
AMD PRO A4-3350B APU with Radeon R4 Graphics

Hi, can you boot to GRUB menu by hitting Left Shift key repeatedly at boot? Choose an earlier kernel from GRUB then purge the newer kernel. Also worth installing Timeshift. There is a way to prevent newer kernels from being installed which @Aravisian has posted elsewhere.

I believe this is what Swarf mentioned:


For EFI machines, use esc or tab at boot to pull up the grub menu.
On MBR (Legacy) machines, use `left shift' key.

@zabadabadoo posted the link to a means of default booting into a working kernel which is the way I recommend to do so.
You can prevent a kernel from upgrading using the apt mark hold command, but this method will prevent all future kernel upgrades which can be undesirable.


Can you please provide more information about purging the new kernel I choose the old one from Grub and I found this discussion about purging kernel. But I have no idea about which kernel I need to delete. Attached Image representing current and new kernels.

You have two installed kernels.



If the latest kernel is giving you trouble, then it would be 6.5.0-18, which would be the one to remove.

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I followed the same but unfortunately default boot menu remains kernel 6.5.0-18. Am I every time need to select from Advanced options?

You must boot into the preferred kernel, then follow the steps outlined in the link.

Okay, got it. Thanks a lot for all of your support. Will try it on my colleague's system also. If I got any issues will update you. Thanks again for your time and effort. This is truly a great community!