What Kernel version?

Hello, I have the Kernel 5.15.0-89-generic and someone sayed t me that this is an old one and that I should ask what version I should install.
Thats why I wanted to ask,
1.: what Kernel should I download and install?
2.: how can I do this?

From that are you on Z16 Core or Z17 Core?
I should probably assume the former, as I currently have 5.15.0-91 kernel on Z16.3 Core via Software Updater on 8/12/23.
Is your Software Updater pointing to the "Main Server" as source, in preferance to a local/regional server?
Run the Software Updater and see if any OS Updates are offered.

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I have Zorin 16.3 and there are no updates available.

The 5.15 Kernel is a bit older yes. But it is an LTS Kernel, so it is still supported. When Your System works good, you don't need to install a newer Kernel. So, the Question is: Work your System without Problems?

If You want a newer Kernel you could simply install Zorin 17. Then You have Kernel 6.2. If that ist not enough you can manually install a newer Kernel with Ubuntu Mainline. For this is here a Tutorial: How to upgrade Zorin 16.2 to a newer kernel

But You do this on Your own Risk. So ask yourself if You really NEED a newer Kernel.

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The Linux kernel is generally a large set of drivers. Age of kernel can be relevant if you have newer hardware that needs newer drivers. But if everything works - this means that you have all the correct drivers for your system and would be using the same drivers on either the 5.15 or the 6.3 kernels. So rushing to the latest would make no difference.

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ok, the I keep the one I have, thanks

What the others above say about kernel is fair, but you do seem to be one step behind latest for Z16.3. So please continue to check that you get updates through the software updater (not to be confused with the ZorinOS Upgrader tool) e.g. Firefox, Thunderbird etc which received updates a few days ago.

Also, unanswered question:

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Where can I see this?

Is the software updater the "Aktualisierungsverwaltung" or the "Software Store"?

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But they booth say that there are no updates.

But in the software store I get this error message, when I click on the updates search button.

Maybe this post will help you:

It includes checking your updates are pointing to "Main Server" (although I have seen a post by someone on the forum that source may have changed since Z17).

Are you able to do a online translation of the German language error message and post it here. I am unable to do a translation from the posted image.

Ja, Software Updater = Aktualisierungsverwaltung

When you open that and it has searched You can click on ''Einstellungen'' and you are landing on ''Anwendungen & Aktualisierungen''. Look in this winow to the Top. There You find ''Software von Zorin'':

And there You have ''Herunterladen von:''. When you click on it you can choose the Main Server (in german Haupt-Server).

Ok, thanks It was on "Deutschland" I have now changed it to the main Server.

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Aktualisierungsliste konnte nicht aktualisiert werden =
Update list could not be updated

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