What would you like to see in ZorinOS 17

Real desktop version Zorin where working everything Perfect like another operating system to be a popular like a windows or Apple. Dreams in future if IA could do that or reverse engineering.

  1. The ability to set up and size ZFS partitions during install (to include setting it up with bpool on one drive, rpool on another, swap on a third), rather than settling for what the installer designates. That includes the ability to set up cache, SLOG, etc. drives during install, and the ability to set up ZFS parameters (such as turning off atime, setting the hashing algorithm, setting compression options) during install.

  2. The ability to uninstall (or not install in the first place) portions of the OS that one doesn't need, with a GUI that would allow one to do so... for instance, there's a lot of CUPS-related files that can be done away with if one doesn't intend on printing from the machine (except dependencies prevent it right now).

I envision a GUI that shows the base files installed, with sliders to enable a feature, disable it, or disable and uninstall it.

I bet I could get below 3 GB installed size if I could remove all the CUPS-related files, but if I ever get a printer (I keep talking my wife out of it... she may someday overrule me and buy one anyway), it'd be handy to just click a slider to reinstall everything needed to print.

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This made me think of the windows 3.1 installer where it prompts if you want printer support and if so what brands of printer lol

Rufus on the Software.

Will ZorinOS 17 preserve vertical workspaces?

The new Gnome shell uses horizontal workspaces but I've grown accustomed to the workflow of having my workspaces stacked vertically.

Any news on what the workspaces will look like?

Well for me Zorin 17 will be just a Zorin lilke always. I don't expect it will huge changes. Why? Because linux is chaos where people don't shoot like a team to the same a gate in football. Besides people who creating any distribution are volunteering. Propably Zorin 17 will going with Gnome.

Might be simple or not....I would like to see a "reinstall" of OS with "Keep your personal files and Folders in Home Directory option"...

Therefore, anything happens, I can just reinstall without the worry of losing anything....I do use Timeshift, but still will be a nice add on to the iso installer...

A far fetch one will be integrated Waydroid ( android apps)...

One more...Search compatibility....I use Albert which is awesome (searches files, calculations, the web etc. I even have a search icon withing my Zorin Os to click it on or a hot key within the keyboard settings to trigger it on (note, if use Wayland, the Albert built in hot key doesn't work (only for x11), that's why i built in a hot key within the keyboard settings).

Honestly that's it...Right now I don't have a PC for gaming so can't help you in that realm.

Love Zorin OS!

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Yesterday I installed OpenSuse with the KDE desktop and I must say, I was surprised with the huge amount of customization options. But also with how needlessly difficult it is to make even the simplest of changes. After about an hour I decided to switch to Gnome...

Zorin and KDE? I don't think it's a good fit at all. It would drain resources from other areas of development, and it would confuse beginners with yet another choice to install, and that is difficult to navigate and make sense of.

Zorin 17 I should to see people choice Zorin 17 and stop distrohopping. So it must be better from another distributions or have something to catch more ppl in the net like a fish.

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I would appreciate it if ZorinOS 17 could be installed on Apple hardware.

I also like the idea of becoming independent from Canonical. LinuxMint did it and developed a Debian Edition.

It must be possible in the Software Center to decide from which sources software is to be installed (snapt, flatpak, etc.).
This is a key reason for me to choose ZorinOS over Ubuntu.


This is possible. You must look on the headerbar - upper right side. When you select a package, a button will appear there for the Source.
ZorinGroup added this feature with the release of Zorin OS 16.

Yes, I know. And I hope this will be also possible in ZorinOS 17!

Do you mean Apple Silicon Macs or all Apple Macs in general?

I mean Apple Macs with Intel Chips.

In that case, I have a 2015 Macbook Pro Retina that run Linux without any major issues.


Yes. Zorin.

You might try using rEFInd to install on Mac

I just did the normal way. Burn the ISO on a stick, plug it in, hold option upon statup and booted into the stick.