Who is running this Forum -> Volunteers

It is better to put the related subjects in a single thread.
This forum is run by a tiny group of volunteers (less than 6) and we are asking members not to create more than necessary number of threads. This would spread our attention and getting counter productive quickly.

Well I didn't know that I thought zorin is a big community, sorry for doing that I didn't knew the rules.

I thought there would be good customer support since nowadays even small companies keep many people for customers.

I apologise for my mistake.

There is no customer support staff here.
We are not related to Zorin in any manner. We are dedicating our time for free to promote this OS we believe in.

Zorin is a tiny organization.
Consists of only 2 people.
That is why we purchase Pro version to support their projects in lieu of making a donation.

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Well I thought since I am a pro user there might be some benefits. But I didn't know you are doing all this for free.

Good work!!

But still I think there should be some support team.

If enough people purchase Pro version, they might be able to afford someone like that.

well, yeah i guess people already got attracted towards 16 due to its features i guess by zorin 18 or so zorin will have big crowd

Yes, this is true, we are volunteers here. And we put in a lot of hours contributing. Speaking for myself, since one of my real life jobs have been put on hold, I have had a lot of time to spend on the forum. And I am usually hear all day. lol


Shall I make another thread "Who is running this forum = Volunteers".
We deviated yet another time from a subject of this thread (look up). :roll_eyes:

beep beep :robot:
New thread created to reduce clutter
Mission completed
beep beep...

There is a section of the site that shows the admins and the moderators. But its not easy to find, I think its in the FAQ pages IDK. Anyways, I hope Ayush enjoys the site. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is the mastermind of whom is running the forum:
My cat.


I have a friend for your cat
cat hug GIF

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I think you could post this in this thread.
We already have a Pet Shop:

Storms cat knows no boundaries nor borders.


Omnipresent cat?

Storm posted a picture of his cat here, he's not in trouble. I posted a response with cute cats, I am in trouble. Do I have to go on to show how wrong this is?

That was not what I meant.
I thought it is pity not to show those cute kittens in our Pet Shop.
I think Storm's cat is already there. You can add those kittens there as well :cat2: :cat: :smile_cat: :smiley_cat:

Here it is:

I saw you added those kittens in the Pet Shop collection already :slight_smile:
Thanks you :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Interesting thing is that we see way more cats than dogs.

Did I derail the thread again? :sweat_smile:

Clicking the hamburger next to the avatar will show the Groups.
There people could see the list of moderators and admis.

As @StarTreker described, it is a bit difficult to find if one does not know where to look.

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