Wifi causing system instability

My Mac Book Pro has a problem from day one of installing zorin . I connect to my wifi and after sometime my network access gets lost . And to fix that i turn off wifi but when i click on turn off my whole system freezes same goes for switching on and off wifi . I can't do anything when laptop is freezed only hold power button and start it again . Any fix for this pls help

Please check if installed:

sudo apt install -y bcmwl-kernel-source

Reboot and test...

This is my dad's office laptop. Putting this command will affect something or will anything wrong will happen ?

Nope, Everything will be fine😃

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It's already installed

I Had this Conversation a while ago, we didn't got a very suitable solution but it worked for him.

Sorry but i am not able to understand not able to understand the solution

So should I run all the commands given the chats

This one worked for him.

Not working here same happened rn

Is there any way to reinstall the drivers or update it

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get --reinstall install bcmwl-kernel-source

sudo modprobe -r b43 ssb wl brcmfmac brcmsmac bcma
sudo modprobe wl
sudo apt-get remove bcmwl-kernel-source

All commands ran successfully. With some errors that was solved after few restarts . But now in the menu i can't see my additional drives app and after running commands and restarting i am not able to use wifi as my wifi adaptor not showing . After all this i ran this ( sudo apt install -y bcmwl-kernel-source) which was able to make my wifi available again

Interesting thread here, especially about USB C causing interference and which ports to use to avoid issues.


After reading i got to know to try use 5ghx which i am already using even i ran the hardware test which said no issues found

So, the Previous Solution I Gave you worked?
Or you are still facing some issues?

After running the last command or removing something my wifi driver got uninstalled and adaptor not showing so i Ran the old command that installs it . But when i ran this :
sudo modprobe -r b43 ssb wl brcmfmac brcmsmac bcma
sudo modprobe wl
In terminal nothing showed like this was not a command no output no nothing and for the wifi issue i am still checking if it's fixed because it occurs randomly

Your WiFi tab is gone?

Yep it was gone after running this command ( sudo apt-get remove bcmwl-kernel-source) and restarting it removed my wifi tab and in settings zorin was not able to find wifi adapter

sudo apt install bcmwl-kernel-source
sudo modprobe -r wl
sudo modprobe wl