Windows 11 Dual Boot Possible?

Not necessary so.
I have installed both Win 10 and 11 on a Gigabyte m/b with secureboot disabled.

It is true that you can work in zorin with secure boot enabled. During the first configuration and updates to the kernel/drivers, it is recommended you disable secure boot so it doesn't cause issues. Most Linux drivers are not signed and until installed/updated, it may cause failures if enabled.

Be aware that if you perform a bios update this will most likely reenable secure boot.

I understand your perception, but all of Linux is based on community contributions anymore. To say that because a developer is not part of an oem company they are not reputable is to say Linux isn't reputable. It then begs the question, why are you using it? Just saying.

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I misunderstood, my apologies.

I also tend to skim through posts, not reading as i should, making my understanding flawed.


Found something that might help you:

It wasn't lack of support but an Ubuntu update that broke this. Follow the recommendations in the above thread to resolve your issue.

The system was built around a supported CPU. PC health check was giving mixed results with no explanation as to why some systems were not supported and pulled by MS. I'm waiting for the final release of Win 11 before proceeding due to possible changes and also, I don't want to be part the Windows insider program.

I had to use MOK for enrollment of a Nvidia driver, the rest were included with the kernel.

I'm in no hurry and if I get impatient the Windows update assistant will provide the latest build updates.

Do you really think that ? Microsoft Give support to 8th gen intel and up ... i think more then 50% of the users can't even upgrade. I expect that many users will swap to linux duo their "new standards".

Most users don't even know 'Linux' exist...

90% will just upgrade to a better computer :joy:

Yeah that is exactly what MS wants to put through peoples throats. Don't forget the hardware prices are insane these days.

I suspect we'll find out at the last minute. Win 10 will have support 2025 which will be a 10 year run. MS doesn't want support/patch any CPUs that were vulnerable to spectre and meltdown.

Yes i know W10 has support till 2025, thats 4 years from now on. My laptop had the spectre issue, acer fixed it with a bios update. So i don't know why MS should support/patch it. They do allow 3 of their devices

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It is what it is, Microsoft is trying to tighten their security. Microsoft don't want a bad reputation to be an OS with a bunch of viruses. They clearly are trying, you can't blame Microsoft for this. Microsoft Store is also one of their attempts to try to have something like Linux or MacOs, which is more secure.

Even though Windows11 is not supported on the hardware, you can still install it, but it will just warn you. Most users also don't know how to update Windows anyway. They just buy a new computer with Windows/Mac Os.

It is hard for Microsoft because they want to make an OS for all, especially noobs. All Windows is not a bad piece of software, they're just not for me. I don't hate Windows, actually I understand that the average user can't just switch.

It is what it is, Microsoft may sound evil trying to cut support, but there is a company trying to make money. I know open source is free, but it's just not mainstream and many programs just won't run on it even with WINE.

Linux also don't have good marketing, the reason Linux can't get on desktop is that we can't get more OEMs to sell computers with Linux.

Windows 11 devs are also trying very hard to make a successful product. I think Windows 11 will be pretty good.

Although, Windows is proprietary, i understand that they can't open source it. Open source things don't earn you as much money.

And if your a person who judges what operating system they use, keep in mind that your a basement dweller that hasn't seen the sun for a whole year.

This is just my thoughts on "Microsoft crazy requirements for Windows11"

Microsoft last good OS was Windows 7, after that it took the road downwards. Linux on the other hand is going upwards lol.

As for the windows 11 specs, still the atom series can't beat my i7-7700HQ

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As of 8/28 :
"The company told us it won’t actually block you from installing Windows 11 on a PC with an older CPU, so long as you download and manually install an ISO file all by yourself. But it turns out even that technicality has a technicality. Microsoft is now threatening to withhold Windows Updates from your copy of Windows 11 — potentially even security updates — if you take that route. "

Most likely they won't

That's why I wrote we'll find out at the last minute.

[quote="Michel, post:25, topic:7698"]
So i don't know why MS should support/patch it.
[/quote] Those patches from the various oems have to be approved, uploaded, and delivered via Windows update an many cases. On the Linux we received firmware updates for intel an amd processors.