X86/cpu: SGX disable by BIOS And ACPI BIOS error (bug): Could not resolve symbol

Zorin was install in my laptop
before installing

TPM and Secure boot was disabled.

After installed I trun on both TPM and Secure boot. Everything work fine.

For some region I wanted a clean install of zorin os that why I try to reinstall the zorin os again.

TPM in is enabled
Secure boot enabled

This time it showing me this message in the first picture??

I can use the OS but the message showing eveytime I on the laptop

when fist time its install with TPM and Secure boot was enabled. it show perform mok management (2nd picture).

options shows

continue boot
enroll Mok
enroll key form disk
enroll hash form disk

I saw a video that use 2nd option to boot. I use the first option. did i do any mistake. is that why I saw this massage.

Can I fix those thing?? Or it will fix automatically with next version of zorin os.
Should I avoid it???? Does it do any harm like security issue and slow the os or laptop?????

or I should reinstall the Zorin os and in perform Mok management use the 2nd option. can it be fix by doing this need help what should I do???

I see that issue appear on my laptop every time I start it up. It doesn't do much to my laptop (everything is fine), so it's enough to be ignored.

Hitting continue boot should boot into the OS normally.

Hitting continue boot should boot into the OS normally.

It show for first time. It never showed again. is this going to create any problem in future??

I see that issue appear on my laptop every time I start it up. It doesn't do much to my laptop (everything is fine), so it's enough to be ignored.

if I ignored it is this going to create any problem in future?? Because I will not reinstall the zorin os again and again. I want to use it as normal desktop computer.

is there any ways to fix this issue???

I think that if i disable the secure boot and install the zorin os and and enable it the should fix but is it a right way?? Means the secure boot functionality will work or as I off the secure boot and install the os and then on the secure boot does that's make any sense???

I found out a another post that said to use the old kernal to solved the issue. using a old kernal is it good or it's cause any security issue??

I also found out another solution that In bios there can a be SGX enable and disable option. I saw in my bios I don't have that option.

This message annoying I think zorin must do something to stop it those laptop doesnot have the SGX option.

maybe that same solution might help you get rid of (at least) the error messages

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I doubt it.

This shouldn't cause problems in the future. I've used Zorin for what five months now? And there are no problems here. If you ask someone else here, they'll tell you the same thing. I understand you're worried, but you have to trust me.

That probably won't fix your problem. But you should disable it regardless. As @Aravisian told me, secure boot is for Windows only.

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is there any ways to fix this issue permanently???

You don't need secure boot to use Linux, if you want to you can (I do on my laptop) you would select enroll MOK and use the password for secure you supplied in setup. My works vpn checks for it even on Linux which is why I have it.

For the cpc messages that seems to be a kernel bug in 5x that doesn't cause any issues an older acpi kernel module is called but is now missing (depreciated) as far as I can tell. Acpi handles power and auto configuration of devices, if you are having hardware issue those messages can help, but if they due to a bug you can use the above link to ignore them on boot.


AFAIK, you probably need to disable secure boot if you want to run a newer kernel such as version 6.0 as these are commonly unsigned.


But it's show only first time when I setup the OS. The bios never ask it again. If I want to do it I need to setup the OS again. Should I do that or stay like this.

Just leave as is, it's not needed for Linux usually.

Microsoft uses it as part of the activation and digital key system and some corporate software and tracking software use it.


so this kernal bug thing stay forever or it will fix by zorin in some version. if it fix by an update I don't mind if the message show or not but there should be a fix. it cannot stay forever????

This is from the Linux kernel and affects most Linux distro not just Zorin,it might be fixed in kernel 6 which Zorin may upgrade to (might be in v17) but I'm not 100% sure what that release roadmap looks like.

If you're okay with the messages then you can just leave them. They are just informational

The first one is just letting you know SGX is not enabled
And the other ones are just letting you know that an ACPI module could not be loaded to detect because the module is missing from the kernel.


Thanks everyone for your help and fast reply. :grinning:

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