Zorin alongside windows but i'm installing it on a second hard drive

i want to install zorin alongside windows but i'm installing it on a second hard drive. would the procedure still be..... "Erase disk and install Zorin" and press "Install Now"?

@jabongzki Hi and welcome to the Forum.
You do not have to completely erase the disk if you do not want to. You could shrink the existing partion (assume just one) and create space for a second primary partition for ZorinOS.

When Installing Zorin, use the "Something Else" method, which allows you to select that specific drive.
It has been done before, see this: Install Zorin on 2nd physical HD

Also from the old Zorin Forum: Setting up for Dual Hard Drives [Solved} - Old Zorin Forum archive

if i shrink the existing partion and create space for a second primary partition for ZorinOS, what do i use the first primary partition for?

Some suggestions:

  1. Partitioning: How to partition
  2. If you need installation media (doesn’t seem like you do but offering my 2 cents): Casper / vmlinuz not found - #7 by carmar

You will also have to make sure grub is installed into the first drive (windows) efi partition otherwise you will have to change the boot order in the bios to even see zorin option. If you choose to put grub on the second drive, you will have to choose which hard drive to boot every time, if you are switching back and forth between windows/zorin.

Also, before you change the partition make sure fast boot is off in bios and in power settings.

Power settings -> choose what happens when I close the lid [on left]
-> change settings that are not available [button in main window at top/middle]
-> scroll down after allowing windows to change things and
uncheck fast boot.

Otherwise you will have to repair or reinstall your windows partition because it keeps it in a hibernate like state. I've done this to many times and figured out to late what was causing it.


ok, but im installing it on a desktop pc. is there no need to turn off fast boot on windows on a desktop pc?

You should turn it off if you want to be able to write to the ntfs partition within zorin. Otherwise it acts like hibernate and keeps the drive locked for windows only. Make sure fast boot and secure boot are off in the bios as well.

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