Zorin Connect is not working!

I Currently have Zorin 16.2 on a USB Drive and although the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth work fine it does not connect to my mobile phone via Zorin Connect I'm not sure what the issue is...

Any help will be great!

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Have you plugged your phone in and run software updater? This allows the computer to download the drivers for your model phone. Not all phone drivers are installed by default.

Once you do that, see if you can access the phone while it's connected (get the permission screen in the phone and all).

Then disconnect and make sure both the phone and the computer is connected to the same network.

Finally, if ufw (the Linux firewall) is on, disable it momentarily, and attempt to connect to your phone. If it connects, you will have to allow kdeconnect through the firewall for it to work while it's enabled.

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Do I need to plug my phone in via a USB cable or can I do it simply via Wi-Fi?

Gday @Z_123 , connect phone via usb cable. then open terminal use " sudo apt update ", then disconnect phone & reboot pc, Let us know how your going..

I don't have a USB Cable, I can connect my phone via Wifi though...

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I assume you have setup ufw as per @337harvey 's post above, without a cable you need to establish a wifi connection to use the update process for phone drivers ect..

This may also shed so light on the subject or try an alternative, also noted by @swarfendor437 in that link above.

Sometimes it's trail & error to resolve issue's.

I think Aravisian had similar issues with Zorin Lite and installed KDE Connect without any issues. I find no issues with KDE Connect on Devuan.

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I'm trying to click on the KDE Connect app but it's not working...

Try launching KDE Connect Settings first to search for your phone.

Make sure wifi is turned on on your phone - it needs to be on the same network (router connection, not mobile data!)

I think because I am using KDE Connect on the host OS, the VM is not working. I will try on Zorin Drive tomorrow.

I am connected to my Zorin OS via the Mobile app - but I still can't get the main KDE Connect app on computer to work?

Which app? Zorin Connect or KDE Connect? Have you got the firewall enabled and allowed KDE Connect to bypass the firewall?

KDE Connect, Yes I enabled it in my firewall settings - I also put the IP address of both my mobile and computer in the 'to & from' section as well...

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OK I have had limited success and made a video. The connection works but a bit flaky. I found the best method of connecting was via the IP address method. I was going to see if it would work better on Wayland but there is no cog on my log in screen. Since found out the last upgrade did not complete so doing a partial upgrade and will report back in due course.

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Please reply back with results ASAP.

I Really need to ensure everything on Zorin 16.2 works properly with my computer device.

Well sadly I got the partial upgrade message which after completion and restart I have a desktop stuck in low resolution. Will need to do a full reinstall when I will also replace Gnome with KDE (Plasma). I noticed when KDE Connect on the phone finally picked up the Zorin connection and clicked on it it showed sending pair request but the OS never responded. Never had this with Devuan with KDE, much more stable in respect of KDE Connect. I mad a video recording where I removed Zorin Connect and replaced with KDE Connect. Sometimes it connected, other times no. Will reinstall with 16.2 r1 tonight but add KDE Plasma to see if it makes a difference.

While we understand the importance to you that this works, we are volunteers and not required to, nor payed, to help you... we do this of our own choice. Your "need" will not motivate us to assist you.

While working from the live image it is difficult to offer a solution since any resolution we do provide will not survive a reboot, a catch 22 since installing drivers usually requires a reboot. Do you see the issue?

[quote="337harvey, post:16, topic:23833, full:true"] 

While working from the live image it is difficult to offer a solution since any resolution we do provide will not survive a reboot, a catch 22 since installing drivers usually requires a reboot.  Do you see the issue?

So in order for either Zorin Connect or KDE Connect to work, I have to reboot & restart my computer and then log back into Zorin OS?

OK. Really disappointed in that after doing a reinstall I am now having to rely on proprietary drivers (nvidia) for the screen resolution to be correct. But to business. I installed KDE completely

sudo apt-get install kde-full

I then ran the KDE Connect System Settings Module, Opened GUFW (Gnome Uncomplicated Fire Wall) and used the simple option of using the preconfigured Application of KDE Connect, and voila my phones are connected:

and an image that might not be too clear:

Which shows my Fairphone connected.

And on a side note, never had an issue with KDE Connect on Devuan - and it was more straightforward than KDE on Zorin!

Nearly forgot - you need to request pairing - this option comes up on your phone when you touch the computer name in the KDE Connect App of listed devices, in this instance, swarfendor437@zorin16. You can also request a pairing from the computer side. Once established it should auto-connect when booting your PC. You will even get notifications of email that comes in on your phone and a brief display of the message content.

It wasn't opening some ports in firewall? What i remember.

If you use the simple firewall rule which includes predefined rules for various applications, including both KDE Connect and Zorin Connect, there shouldn't be an issue. However the Zorin Connect interface is not as Good as KDE Connect from personal experience.