Zorin error

Hi everyone, I have a SERIOUS error, and do I need help from you please?.

the problem was when I already had Zorin inside my laptop, it did not give problems until I re-turned on and started from 0 zorin.

when I want to turn on the laptop, it does not turn on, it does not start, nothing. (I did everything right, installation, etc.)

just turn on the fan and everything normal, but in seconds everything turns off. and leaves my laptop dead. the bios does not appear at all.
What do you recommend? This is urgent!
(I installed Zorin on 3 different range laptops and it gave the same error)

Hi and welcome to the forum.
Some questions to help us help you.

Did you instal Zorin to dual-boot alongside Windows or another OS?
Can you boot from the Zorin installation media USB stick?
Which version and flavour of ZorinOS do you have e.g. Z15.3 Core, Lite etc or maybe Z16Core Beta?

In the meantime, check out this basic installation advice, including disable secure boot:


The post screen can go by quickly depending on your hardware. The bios never shows unless you hit the key sequence to bring up the bios for configuration. Esc, f2 or f10 are popular among manufacturers to bring up the bios. While in there do as zabadabadoo recommended and check on fast boot and secure boot, making sure both are off (don't sweat it if fast boot isn't there). Check your boot order too (Ubuntu then windows is how it'll probably show). Aravisians black screen link may also solve your issue.

What hardware did you install Zorin on?