Zorin Forum Improvements and Function

Posting Frequency

The change to the new Forum layout brought many improvements in form, appearance and function.
As with many things, there can remain items to be teased out.

Several of you have noticed that the forum software will give a popup over the Post Preview noting that “You have replied ‘x’ number of times to ‘x’ member. Encourage others to get involved… Maybe take it to PM (I am paraphrasing here…)”.
The purpose of this is clear- the software may think that two members are engaged in ‘heavy debate’ or perhaps dominating a discussion. In a forum setting, this can be trying. But Zorin Forum is also primarily a Help Desk and rapid fire posts between two members in this setting can be quite safe and necessary as they quickly work to troubleshoot the issue.

This makes that Notification redundant - indeed, many members expressed that they felt as if the forum was telling them that they were doing something wrong by posting and stopped making a post that they were making.

As of 11 March 2021, zorink disabled that setting, so users will no longer be pestered by the forum software about their posting frequency.

Word Filter

The forum makes use of a word filter list to prevent abusive language being used. However, some filtered words are valid. For example, BUTT is the name of a utility called “Broadcast Using This Tool.” And we all know of GIMP.
Linux Developers have a sense of humor.
Many of us have run afoul of the Word filter while using words with innocent intentions. The purpose of the filter is to prevent abuse, not posting, so if you get tangled up in the word filter for an innocent usage, please note it here or in a new thread for examination and possible exclusion from the filter.


Excellent post buddy, appreciate the info and update. I’ve been quite effected by those very things. Many times I’m forced to edit my posts due to a word the site didn’t like. And then there was the post frequency issue, that was annoying and made me abandon my post entirely. Thank you for helping with the improvements! :+1: :grinning:

You are not alone in this. And maybe sometimes, we should abandon them. -chuckle-
But… There are those who in the middle of troubleshooting in a thread have gotten that while trying to ask what to do next or relay results and got very confused and uncertain and stopped posting because they thought the forum was telling them that they did something wrong. I would think that does not happen often, but happening at all may be often enough.

Echoing ST, thanks from me too for starting this.

  1. Should this be in Feedback? I don’t have an opinion, so I’m asking.
  2. If you guys get a collection of the words that should be removed from the filter, I don’t mind periodically being the one messaging Azorin or zorink and requesting those be removed. Unless someone else wants to do this themselves.

I wondered the same thing. In the end, I opted for this category as it is “not about Zorin OS”. It can go in Feedback as easily, I won’t be offended any.

When the forum started, Artyom Zorin sent me a full list of the words being filtered. I think it was saved on a previous copy of Zorin - prior to a wipe and reload.
I am sure I have it in backup somewhere. I will dig it out and shoot you a PM and see if there are others.
You will see many hair curling things on that list that absolutely belong on the list LOL.

You know what I think is hair curling, smelling dog farts. It’s like, what the heck were they eating? If you’ve ever owned a dog, you’d know what I’m saying :joy:


True enough… but we are trying to make a point that we are capable of accepting our words without just saying them to push limits…

I’m going to formally apologize to the Zorin team. I’m somebody who loves to crack jokes to make people laugh. For we have much sadness in our lives, a little humor can go a long way. But like many comedians in life, we don’t always choose the right moments to be funny. This was the wrong topic and time to crack a joke. Please forgive me, and let’s continue on about the issues and improvements of the site. :+1:


I just got hit with this one, now…

Let others join the conversation
This topic is clearly important to you – you’ve posted more than 37% of the replies here.
It could be even better if you gave other people space to share their points of view, too. Can you invite them over?

I think the forum wants me to Shut Up. Trying to help someone out and the forum is telling me I am hogging up the Cyberspace and excluding others.
No, really. I am getting annoyed. I just about abandoned the post entirely.

and here is me thinking you just got hit by a dog farts :nauseated_face:

@carmar Note you can type farts in here but not without the “s” at the end. How crazy is that, I say. I was struggling to work out how @StarTreker got away with it in his post.

Yeah, turns out some can type it but some can’t - there is an inconsistency in the filter application. So, there’s that and then there’s the system badgering frequent posters like Aravisian rather than rewarding them. Two serious issues, in my opinion.

And there is another minor/major bug. I installed Ultimate Lite on my machine, last night. With everything wiped, I’m trying to login anew on the forum and it refuses to recognize my password. I ask for a reset email and that hasn’t arrived even though the forum says it sent it. So, I may be logging from my phone (as I am now) for a while.

That is not good, a Forum Mod unable to login to the Forum on his Zorin rig. Have you PM’d @AZorin for help?

Good suggestion. I PMed them since that reset email doesn’t seem to be arriving.

Forum Font could use examining for better visibility or more legibility. The double dash looking like one single long dash has confused quite a few members.

The double dash happens, like MS Word.

This – is converted.
– at the beginning of the line is converted.
–text at the beginning of the line is converted.
But --text doesn’t get converted.

I am actually confused now.

So am I. Between this thread and the other with the dual boot issue, I feel like I’ve lost my mind. Last time this happened, I was trying to learn programming code. I got as far as Hello World, realized the world was too big for my brain, so I left it. My brain can’t take the matrix. :joy:

What’s the confusion?

Why is the series converted, depending on where there are spaces?
This – is converted
This --is not converted
What is the purpose? There was a thread a while back where that created confusion and I needed to post a Screenshot of the text to show the proper dashes.

It was the font in grub menu thread.