Zorin lite freezing while installing

Hi, I used something else option and after partitioning I clicked on root partion then clicked on install, and after copying files zorin started to install but it freezed.
What is the solution to this problem?

I have 4gb ram.

Hello there!

When you downloaded the ISO, did you double check the SHA256 HASH to insure the file integrity? We always want to make sure that it passes before we burn it to a USB drive. Additionally, did you use Rufus or Unetbootin to make the burn? Lets hope you didn't use Balena. For already Linux users, I recommend Popsicle.

Also, is SECURE BOOT & FAST BOOT disabled in the BIOS?

If it were me, I would have used the auto installer, and told it to erase disk and install via that method. However, if you insist on doing a manual custom install, I recommend following the expert advice from Harvey's tutorial.

Hopefully, I have been some help to you, and we can get your install situation back on track.


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How can I check SHA256 HASH?
I used Rufus and burned it to a pendrive of 16gb, How can I check if I enabled secure boot or fast boot? And I tried both Erase disk and something else option both freezes while I was installing

Also are you dual booting with Windows or other OS?

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Nope I am just installing only zorin lite

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I thought Windows 10 had a built in hash checker, I could be wrong. Brutal honesty? I've never used Windows 10, so all I know about it are rumors that I can't confirm. But even if the rumor is not true, you can download utilities to do hash checking, that I know is a thing, has been for years for Windows.

As far as your BIOS. Most computers enter the BIOS by either holding down the

DEL key, or the F2

key, while booting up the computer. Sounds like you've never been in the BIOS before, that will make instruction more difficult, as I don't know what computer you have, or what BIOS it uses.

So thats why I say, the most that I can tell you right now is, disable SECURE BOOT and FAST BOOT

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How can I disable secure boot an fast boot? I have acer laptop with intel pentium processer with 4gb ram

F2 key gets you into BIOS. When you power on the computer, begin tapping it repeatedly until your in the BIOS


FAST BOOT located in BOOT Tab in BIOS

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You can disable Secure Boot in the BIOS settings. F2 at boot > Security Tab.

You can only disable Fast Boot (Or Fast Startup) on the computer if it currently has Windows 7, 8 or 10 on it.
If you do, enter the Control Panel, then the power settings. If you cannot find it, please do a net search for a guide.

To check the 256sha on Windows, open the Command Prompt and run this command replacing (/path/to/file) with the Actual Path to the downloaded copy of Zorin OS:

CertUtil -hashfile C:\path\to\file SHA256

You can use a utility for it. There are many... But here is a link to one that works on Windows, Mac or Linux:

Can you clarify at which point during the installation the Installer freezes?
If it freezes during the Updates screen, please close the installer, then run it again with Internet Disabled.
You can run the updates once Zorin OS is installed.

If it freezes at Language and Settings- that is a different issue (That I do not remember the solution for off the top of my head...)


Is this BIOS?

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I don't have windows 10 I deleted it I now only have zorin lite

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You are in the BIOS

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Yes, that is the BIOS screen above. Move to the Security Tab.

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It freezes at this point

How can I go to Secure boot mode?

This is strange, it appears to be freezing while its doing the GRUB install. As long as the ISO is OK, and the USB flash drive is OK, and the burn to it went OK, and the condition of your hard drive you are trying to install to is OK, then I am stumped.


And while you are there, please turn off the TPM too.

Once you do those things, you can move over to the BOOT tab so we can get FAST BOOT off too.

How can I go down After clicking arrow down key I can't go down

One option is to completely wipe and format the drive prior to attempting to install Zorin OS.

Otherwise, when the installer freezes, enter tty byt using the keyboard shortcut ctrl+alt+F2.
Enter in this exact command:

ps | grep dmsetup

This will give the PID for dmsetup. Use that PID to kill the process:

kill -9 (PID from above)

For example, let's say the PID above is 1234:

kill -9 1234

Repeat this a couple times, if need be, untl the tty states dmsetup create XXX cannot be found
Once this happens, use ctrl+alt+F6 or ctrl+alt+F1 to return to the desktop and continue the installer.

There is a legend at the bottom of your screen that tells you which keys change values and how to navigate. I can't quite see it in the screenshot, but trust me, they are down there, I just can't read which ones are which.