Zorin next to Windows

I have trying to install Zorin next to Windows 10, but i don't see anything for install it next to Windows.
Why not?

Could be for a few reasons, for example, there may be lots of storage taken up in Windows from files and stuff that it's conflicting with the space required to dual boot.

Basically, there may not be enough free storage (needs at least 50% free storage) to allow dual boot but it could be something else.

You could try this.

Hi and welcome to the forum. First suggest you check this out: Before you install

There are a number of posts on the forum that may give you guidance, including Why is there no "Install zorin alongside windows" option in Zorin os 16 beta?

Also this may help you. [HOW TO] Partition & Install Zorin 16

I don't like Zorin Core 16. I think to much bugs. When install it i found out it is NOT possible to install next to Windows.To much errors. When i have to restart i must remove the usb and pus enter. When i do that i see an whole list of errors. Can't read errors. After an second install the OS is very slow. And my Laptop is arount 2.5 years old. So for me NO Zorin.

That would be pretty much the same for all Linux distros, and even Windows.

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