Zorin NVIDIA logo loop on boot

I have been using Zorin 15 for years but a few days ago the computer does not boot. When I first start the computer I see the Zorin logo. The screen goes black for a few seconds and then I see the logo of NVIDIA. The screen goes black again for a few seconds and then I see the NVDIA logo. And the same things happen over and over again and the computer does not boot. Please advice what to do. By the way I don’t want to lose the data that I already have on the computer.

@dnob Hi and welcome to the Forum.
I wonder if this item will help: Zorin OS 15.3 OS Ultimate on Asus Laptop VX2S Nvidia - blank screen

There have been a few problems recently of black screens but none which look like startup loop like you seem to be seeing.

If the worst comes to the worst and you decide to re-install then if you use “Something Else” method you can choose to NOT Format your /home partition. So your data stored there will not be disturbed.

Lets see if between us all here we can get you fixed and avoid a re-install.

PS: Which version of Zorin do you have e.g. Core or Lite.
If Lite 32bit, look here: Black screen after update

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Many thanks for advice which I shall follow. Can I revert if no joy? I am using the Lite version.

Your first recommendation has worked!!! I am up and running again. Any idea why I have experienced this problem and what I can do to avoid it in the future?

Don’t know reason for your specific symptoms. There was a reported problem with a recent OS update that affected Z15.3 Lite. That has been corrected in a subsequent update. I would suggest you use Software Updater and check your machine is fully up-to-date.
Sometimes kernel updates cause problems but then you can roll back to see what happens using a previous kernel.
Glad you are fixed anyway.

For the future, please check your Software Updater settings: Software Updater settings
While you’re there, go to the Additional Drivers tab and check for any drivers there. Those are your GPU drivers which basically is what your issue was.

In additional drivers I can see the NVIDIA driver. Is it this which caused the problem or the the latest Zorin update? I ask because my problem started right after the last software updater update. Or is it a coincidence? Any advice on how I can ensure that the NVIDIA driver is working and updates properly?

You said Zab’s first recommendation worked. That was a GPU driver based problem (the Ubuntu-drivers autoinstall command on that link was the same as you checking under additional drivers). The Lite issue was not GPU based.

I made the post about the Software Updater to explain how to avoid this in the future.