Zorin Os 17 release

It would be fun if they replaced XFCE with KDE without telling anyone ... and then @Aravisian doing and upgrade. Priceless!!!


haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just reading this instantly took me back two years ago waiting for the 16 Lite release... Gee that was awful. Very tough. I was checking like 16X a day. But like all Zorin Editions, worth it.... Kinda..lol
And ironically, Pro is still my main driver. After learning more about it (Gnome), I really liked how the Brothers put their spin on it. Am now a fan. Big Fan.

THAT was funny... Storm, can you make that happen?

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@Aravisian was right (as always), 2 write to Ventoy did the trick, now running ZOS17 :smile_cat:

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Does spatial window switcher working for you ?

I guess not so much, but i'm turning off animations and effects anyway

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Finally you can copy files directly to the desktop :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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News sites already all over it:

So far it's been pretty good, I'm really liking the advanced tiling and windows gaps, that's also something that many people have asked for. Right now I'm installing it on a spare machine and I'll give it a try for a few days, see how it behaves.

EDIT installation didn't take, it kept looping without finding an OS :confused: Let's give it a second try, although it definitely takes a little while to complete the install.

I really like what I see in the new Zorin 17 Beta. All the newness of Gnome 42 from a few years ago with Ubuntu's 22.04 base from 2022. By the time it gets released later this year or early next year, Ubuntu 24.04 will be close to release in 4-5 months with an even much newer version of GNOME.

I always get conflicted about this with Zorin. It's an old base that should be super stable. That is one reason I keep using Mint's Ubuntu Cinnamon version and LMDE - they are both bit newer and just as stable. But I like Zorin very much.

Congratulations to the Zorin team but in about 5 months Ubuntu 22.04 LTS will be released with even newer software and a newer base. And then, many users won't understand that Zorin delays their OS by about 18 months which now seems more like 19-20 months from the Ubuntu LTS base. I keep reading whereby people not grasping the specific base that Zorin is using and they keep trying to use newer repositories. If you leave Zorin alone and don’t tinker with it, the distribution is simply awesome and will never let you down. Zorin would be an excellent immutable distribution if they went down that path. But some people are adverse to that.

If there is one thing Zorin needs to improve is their release cycle but I get it, the base is not relevant that much and they have their own PPAs for some newer software like LibreOffice and they have Flatpaks and Snaps installed by default including Debian/Ubuntu packages. I am looking forward to installing it on a separate SSD and use it alongside with Mint. Zorin OS continues to rock!

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We have lift off!!!! First the old to test USB purity, then to the Yoga! then the rest as time permits.

What I am still missing is a dynamic tiling feature, like the pop shell or the material shell as implemented in Manjaro Gnome.

I don't think the delay between ZorinOS releases is such a big deal. Just about everyone I install ZorinOS for doesn't know what Ubuntu even is. From their perspective, they have a reliable OS that works and receives regular updates every few years. Of course, everyone's needs are different, and sometimes a little tweaking is needed. But more often than not this concern is raised by those who are aware of the Ubuntu release schedule, even when there really isn't cause for it. At least that's how I see it, I'm very fond of the "don't fix it if it's not broken" philosophy.

That would be a great addition indeed, maybe for ZorinOS 18? :smiley: In the meantime, you can install it yourself pretty easily:

Still having issues installing Z17 Beta on hardware, not sure what's going on there...

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I just want to say thank you to all on the Zorin team, your efforts and work on ZorinOS is really appreciated.
Thank U GIF by The Drew Barrymore Show


wow thats a sick wallpaper @Storm

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I did not have any issues with that. Installer ran perfectly with third party drivers enabled.

When perfect for me. I used the openSUSE image writer tool. Everything perfect.

Yes. Super snappy. Just not sure, if I like it. Kinda freaks me out.

So I'm on it, too, now. It looks awesome. And I am really impressed by how smooth and snappy everything is. Even the spatial desktop effects feel super light.
I've encountered a few bugs in the system so far and reported them. But awesome work.

I have one big issue so far: Firefox is installed as a flatpak. I know, that is what the Ubuntu base does, but I do not like that at all. I wish they'd provide Firefox from their own repositories.

In addition, I would like it if snap packages were enabled. I didn't use them much at all, but having the option is really nice, and the way how all the packages were implemented in the store of 16 was really awesome.

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