Zorin Os 17 release

I presume like 60% of problem will be solved with ZorinOS17

Actually they didn't skipped any version between. 16.1 .2 .3 are just fix releases

Anyone who would compare what Zorin OS is doing to Microsoft, clearly need to get their bolts tightened. :roll_eyes:

frankensteins monster frankenstein GIF


In the early days, Zorin, like Ubuntu, had intermediate releases (you could call them 'testing' releases) that were not LTS. LTS releases were 6, 9, 12, and 15. If you have ever used Ubuntu LTS you will notice that they tend to update the LTS OS in intermediate steps, such as 20.04.1 and so on. Zorin team reflects this in their Zorin 16 and earlier releases, the last one for 15 was 15.3 and 16 similarly with 16.3.

I realized that; I admit I'm a bit unhinged...

Environmental awareness shouldn't cast a problem.

Why do you add 'STARTREKER' at the end of all your posts?

have to say KDE is my FAVOURITE DE

Linux, especially Zorin OS, is a lot more powerful then you give it credit for. Its not just good for web browser surfing, but its excellent for production work. And in regards to gaming, yes, technically, Windows has still been the king for gaming, for now. Having said that however, with the inclusion of Proton, gaming is getting better on Linux.

Good advice. Personally, I'd love to be a unicorn, but we can't always get what we want can we?

And I suppose you could say, were all a little unhinged in some way or another. And you see this world that we live in these days? Its enough to make anyone unhinged.

Its my artistic signature. Most forums allow for signatures by default, but for reasons unknown, the Zorin brother's decided to not have a signature system, as part of their forum software. Their loss, because signatures are fun, I personally quite like them, and so I manually put one in.

And Zorin OS is my favorite Linux OS. POP OS is my close 2nd favorite Linux OS. IMHO, Zorin OS is where its at buddy.


Heh, my favourite linux distro is Zorin or Arch (even though everyone's toxic over there... I wouldn't go there if I were you :sweat_smile:

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Forum signatures are a dying craft, sadly. It's quite refreshing to see it from time to time so kudos to you.


lol if only i had a life i could sneak into gimp and make a signature

@Bourne, linux can be used for everything that windows can do, especially with tools like Windows App Support, WIne, and PlayOnLinux

There is a sig, just not in the posts.

If you click on someone's avatar and expand it, that is where your sig resides.

That's not a signature though, that's just your profile page.


ayo you just captured me in 4k shoving moolah in someones face for z17 pro :sweat_smile:

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can we just realize his battery percentage is 69 in that photo :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

lol bro

It's so great how everyone's just here and talking. It's really nice to have a community which are not toxic.