Zorin Os 17 release

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How I can support z17 after upgrade?

You can buy pro version.
You can donate every day, week month or whenever you want.

Or you can just help others here on forum or reddit.


I liked a someone support also white gloves.

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No, to all of that ... :joy:

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Yes, going from 16 to 17 is not like going from 8 to 10 in my opinion...:expressionless:

Clearly they don't know about how Linux in-general is developed nor how Zorin OS is put together and what the numbering convention is about. :no_mouth:

I think the Point Release (.3) is what caused confusion. A reader might expect to see 16.9 precede 17.

But the point Releases are numbered by when their order of release is, not by adherence to the Major Release numbering scheme. Zorin Releases generally get three or four point releases in total before the next major release is due.

Besides... Zorin OS did do a large skip.
Zorin OS 12 (12.4 in point release numbering) was followed by Zorin OS 15. This left many asking what happened to Zorin OS 13 and Zorin OS 14.
The answer is that early on, Zorin OS had an intermediate release:
Zorin OS Limited Edition

Zorin OS was not always based on LTS and there were several semi-point releases that equated to using an Ubuntu interim release instead of an LTS release.
With these two factors, ZorinGroup put the numbering scheme back on track with the release of Zorin OS 15.


Still, nothing beats going from 3 to 40 :smiley:


...in 2 seconds :slight_smile:

It does not matter what the version number is and is entirely at the whim of the devs to decide.
The main thing is to differentiate between major version up dates identified by NN. (e.g. Z17) and point updates within a major version identifed by .P (e.g. Z16.3).
The worst thing that can happen is an update is released without changing the version number. I have seen the chaos that creates. Zab.


I couldn't be happier with my experience using Zorin OS 17 – it's truly one of the best releases out there! After thorough testing, I've decided to make the switch from Arch Linux to Zorin OS because it fulfills all my requirements and looks absolutely stunning in the process. :heart_eyes:

Zorin OS 17 has proven to be reliable, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. It's got that perfect blend of functionality and sexiness! :computer::sparkles: Having put it through its paces, I'm convinced that this is the OS for me.

Big kudos to the Zorin OS team for creating such an impressive release. Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed! :raised_hands: I'm eagerly looking forward to purchasing the Pro version as soon as it becomes available – count me in as a dedicated supporter! :credit_card::blue_heart:

cheers Mike


wdym 3-40???

The Gnome project decided to bump the version number from 3 to 40, instead of the obvious 4. I think they did mention they did this because they wanted to emphasize the big changes made to it or something. But still, it kinda broke the scheme with other similar projects like GTK3 and GTK4... it just doesn't make sense.

If you look into the Gnome versions of Z16 you will see it says 3.38 but from Z17 onward its version 43.

Well adding 1 or 2 zeroes happens a lot. Especially in Raspberry Pi when they leaped from 3 to 400.

Raspberry Pi 400 is a different product than Raspberry Pi 3/4/5. Bumping version numbers is indeed infrequent (by large margins I mean).

I think, it was less about it being a big leap, and rather about changing the format from 3.x to 4x.


This thread has some answers although I still find it a bit weird how much they deliberated over something that is supposed to be descriptive of where the project is at.


Those desktop templates presented by Zorin Os, which allow you to easily customize it (either as traditional Windows, Windows 11, Ubuntu, etc.), are they Zorin's own? I ask because I think I've seen them in Manjaro.
Is it possible to find them in GNOME extensions?

Actually, it's the other way around. Manjaro copied it from Zorin. And yes, I think they are provided by Zorin, so you cannot find them in extensions.


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