Zorin Os 17 release

Yes. I saw that long time ago.
Maybe they working on private a local hardware.
They don't want the code go outside.
Pipewire if this not will be there, for audiophile this is suicide.
So the hardware must be compatibility with Zorin or Software must be compatibility with hardware?
Ok. I know - some drivers are closed not open sources and that is big problem.

I love what the Zorin team achieved with version 16. I would like to support them. Is it possible to become an alpha tester? How do you become one?

You can direct message the ZorinGroup and ask to be. They may already have enough testers or may need more so the only way to know is to ask.

We typically release a Beta build of a new major version of Zorin OS a few weeks in advance of the full stable release. This Beta version is available for anyone to download for free from our website for testing purposes.

Zorin OS 17 is still under heavy development, so we don't have a Beta build available to test just yet. However, we would recommend you to stay tuned to our Blog over the coming months or subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when you'll be able to test a pre-release version of Zorin OS 17.


Well half a dozen days from August and still no Zorin 17.

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I remember new release Zorin always was before new version Windows was on the earth.

ZorinOS 16 was released on August, I'm guessing we'll see a similar release date.


Do not get discouraged. Besides getting the OS ready for release, with whatever new features they have integrated, they also must ensure that the OS Upgrader has and is able to handle the upgrade also.

This is going to be the first release with an upgrader option. I imagine there is much more to consider and resolve prior to release.

While excitement is warranted, patience is important since even the beta will barely have any issues... something other OSs can not boast. It will be well worth the wait.


I guess the key take away is not to worry about rushing into Zorin 17. The current releases are fine and stable and you always have the option to try about rolling release distros.

If this results in further delays of Zorin 17 - good. It shows there is care to ensure the OS is as smooth and stable as possible.


I saw Zorin new release 16.3 that means version before new edition windows 12 will be Zorin 20 century?
What new is in this Zorin 16.3 this new update and more new things?
Android Zorin version on mobiles?
Zorin OS 16.3 is powered by the same version of the Linux kernel as in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (GA). It comes with updated drivers, bringing even better compatibility with more hardware. That includes support for newer components like NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4070, 4060 Ti, and 4060 graphics cards out of the box.

The latest security patches are also pre-installed throughout the system. That means you can have peace of mind knowing you’re using the most secure version of Zorin OS ever.

The Zorin OS 16 version series will continue to get support with software updates and security patches until April 2025.


Small updates example mint this year have support to 2027

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Correct and yes.


I’m unsure if this has been mentioned or said but when the release finally comes around for us Pro users with the upgrade tool will be be able to upgrade by putting in a unique identifier or serial key or something or do a fresh install of the OS as I know I have to repurchase Pro which is fine as I want to still help support development.

Yes, the Upgrader includes an entry field to validate your copy of Zorin OS Pro.


Awesome I keep my /home on a seperate partition but I’d rather just upgrade than do a fresh install if it’s possible.

Look forward to the next release.


That's old-school, man - love it! I absolutely miss the Ubuntu mail-out program twenty-some odd years ago. An actual hard copy of Ubuntu was just.. awesome haha I got like, 15 copies for my Vo-Tech classes in high school. My very very first dabbling with Linux was Suse 6 (I think..). Was a complete 1:1 to XP for me so, wiped a spare HDD I had and used it until I got comfortable with Ubuntu. Now I just stick with Ubuntu - haven't tried Suse in so long, feels weird trying to use it now :joy: I stopped trying it after version 11 - just didn't appeal to me anymore. Ubuntu was more prevalent in just about all aspects. Never regret it though! Dumb ramblings - just happy to see someone still using some old-school style concepts :wink:

This is an optimal use of drive space... especially if you have more than one.

This keeps personal stuff from overwhelming a system partition. Leaving more room for updates, software and games.

Recovery is simpler since most of the time, with a few exceptions, personal files aren't effected by system crashes, reinstallations or even if the system drive fails.

My home and data (vault) partitions are on a separate drive, in separate partitions for most of these reasons. It's saved me a few times now.

I also keep timeshift and tar backups of both. It just makes sense. As does Linux.


Yup! Just don't see that configuration in most OOB installs these days. Used to be a norm but, I guess like everything - that changes too!

People got lazier. I have no problem researching and trying new things.

Most people want it to work and not have to do anything. Entitlement syndrome. Though they weren't born knowing how to operate a computer.

Cell phones really have ruined the desktop/laptop experience. There is way to much expectation that it will just work, however they want it to, magically... without effort on their part.

It's really sad.