Zorin Os 17 release

I can sayed it isn't taken exam live usb Zorin. After installation system is more unstable. Before working ok on live usb. Besides I talking on newer machine pc what this version Zorin cannot support.

That's not my experience, and I also never heard of hardware running less stable after installing... not that stability and compatibility are the same thing either way.

I find it hard to believe that a bootable ISO has support for modern hardware, only for that support to disappear during installation. Most likely, you chose the wrong option that resulted in a more minimal installation than what you expected.

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I installing Zorin 16.3 Pro and this is not support my graphic card.
What kind modern hardware we talking?
I checked on webside with hardware linux compatibility.
Motherboard: msi mag B560 torpedo MAG B560 TORPEDO
Audio: ALC897
Bluetooth: Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd. USB\VID_0A12&PID_0001&REV_8891
RAM: G.Skill AEGIS DDR4-3200 C16 DC - 16GB
Power Supply: Corsair RM850e V2 (ATX3.0
NVME: Samsung 980 EVo
SSD: Crucial 500 GB
HDD: IronWolf 2TB
CPU: intel i5 10500
GPU: Radeon rx 6600 8GB
Mouse: Logitech
Keyboard: HyperX Origins Alloy Core
Microphone: HyperX QuadCast S RGB
DAC: K.GUSS K-3 Chipset: CM6642+CS8416+CS4398+TPA6120A2+NE5532P+OPA2134PA
Here is my hardware.
I gived a tried in new pc hardware. I don't complain on older hardware.
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You need to install newer kernel to get the driver for that AMD cards. There's already many threads on how to do it.

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I really don't know anything about graphics cards, but my understanding is that this is one culprit for Linux distributions. It's probably more noticeable on distributions meant for stability and long term support like Debian derivatives.

But my point was that it's really easy to just give any Linux distribution a try via a bootable image. In the vast majority of circumstances this will be enough to check if the hardware is supported or not.
Maybe a disclaimer is in order regarding the commonly expected issues with graphics cards, without getting into much detail about which specific brands and models are more likely to need some post-install attention. But then we should also make sure this reaches other Linux distributions, otherwise ZorinOS will look like the only one to blame and dissuade users from even trying.

The diffrents live usb Zorin Pro isn't the same what full installation Zorin 16 Pro.
I checked and not working properly.
The conclusion is simple.
That why i waiting for new version Zorin.

On Fedora was working without problems because kernel is higher.
I am now on old personal computer.
The new pc don't have any operating system now.

@Bourne , I really think something went wrong with your installation.

Another possibility is that the Generic Drivers (Fallback on LiveUSB) work - but the upgraded Later Release drivers have regressions and do not work.

I can certainly understand your frustration - I have seen you go through this cycle several times, now.

@Aravisian I am very respectfull this forum and people.
Let's thinking on a while if I am noob in linux and start journey on beginnig to tried linux and cut windows because he is wonderfull.
They gived chance with another linux distribution or back to windows.
I don't judgement anything and don't blame anyone.
This is just world linux sometimes something working perfectly or better and sometimes this is not working.

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Thank you for advice.

In regard to cell phones, my gripe with the modified Chromium Browser does not allow you to delete search engines, only add them, and e.spot no longer works, so glad I now use Mojeek as default search engine, as I can use Brave search engine from within mojeek if mojeek doesn't provide results expected. My only other gripe is that the phone's email client does not show spam that isn't spam, only find out by using Evolution on Antix!

@catlikehana send video on linux news about kernels now will be support shortly. That means the Zorin release will be more often?

No. The LTS change is for the Linux Kernel. It is not related to Ubuntu or Distro LTS release cycles or support.
The Linux Kernel had 2 year support until 2017 (I think it was 2017...) when the 6 year support cycle was adopted. Six years proved too much work and they reverted back to the two year support cycle.

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