Zorin OS offer standard KDE Plasma desktop? (POLL)

I have observed a strikingly large number of users comment that they believe Zorin OS should offer KDE. But that hardly is enough to make a statistic.
So... Poll: (I abstain as thread originator)

Should Zorin OS offer the Plasma Desktop standard?

  • Yes
  • No

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If it looks something like this, but more like a Windows taskbar then MAC OS Dock look then yes.

But on a more serious note, here's a review of KDE Plasma Desktop...


They only need to make a Zorin Theme and Icon Them for KDE.

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I tried KDE along time ago as KUbuntu. I recall that I initially liked it, but had too many desktop glitches.

And I literally tried Plasma yesterday. I think what these guys have done with the overall look and organisation is absolutely amazing.

However, I wasn't inclined to switch. I still find the Gnome desktop less glitchy and just works. There seems almost to be too many features in Plasma. I voted no for the poll, but to be honest, I was tied. I do think Plasma is a candidate for me personally in the future, but not right now.

It's obviously up to the guys who would have to package and maintain a Zorin spin.


As someone who has recently been using the Plasma DE more, running Feren on my backup pc, tried out Kubuntu. I voted yes, but have sorta mixed feelings. Because I do really appreciate the steadiness and reliability of gnome/Zorin.
And I can learn to make adjustments, tweaks to make Zorin sorta of feel more like KDE if I really wanted too.
However, if Zorin also had a KDE version, I would jump definitely use it in some manner. But that's mainly because like the Feren Dev, I believe the Zorin Bro's would 'make it their own' like they do with Lite. It's that special attention that makes me prefer Lite over Mint XFCE. And Feren over Kubuntu.
So what I'm really trying to say is, I'm confused and should have voted 'Present'.
I'm now finding this a really mean question to have read during my 1st cup of coffee today. I don't like thinking this much, this early. Aravisian, I find this a very good question. But I'll be mad at you for another hour, or about another cup and a 1/2 of coffee. But that feeling will turn to brotherly love....lol


I must admit, the current results surprise me a bit.


Good or bad? I don't know for I haven't tested it, just curious what you think of it?


I had expected a more even keel or perhaps a disinterest in Zorin OS offering KDE.

But the poll (Not like it is very scientific- that is a very small sample size) still leans heavily in favor of KDE.


Thank you for the clarification, I appreciate it!

I am going to tell you why I voted for KDE. First and foremost what attracted me to it, was simply how stunningly beautiful it looks. Like seriously! How many OS's can you say look that good straight out of the box?

KDE is based off of XFCE correct? So that means added to its beauty out of the box, its also highly customisable. Basically, if I wanted to install any of your themes, I'd probably have a 100% guarantee that they would install and work right out of the box too!

Because on the other side of the coin, Gnome is much more restrictive in theaming. It doesn't mean it can't be done, obviously, I've been doing it, two machines now with Gnome! But it means unless the code is 100% correct, a Gnome DE will die.

So more to point that Aravisian always makes and tries to instruct people, is that XFCE is more customisable. Now onto performance. I've never tested it personally, I am only going off of what I have seen.

But when you look at video's of KDE on Youtube, IDK man, it sure looks like a smooth experience to me. I don't remember seeing weird stutters, lock ups, frame rate drops, crashes. It runs smooth.

So anyways, thats why I voted KDE, I think it might be the best choice for Zorin.


No, not at all. KDE is developed from QT, independent and separate from gtk-based D.E.'s
XFCE is actually based off of X-Forms, but was switched into GTK based.

Sadly, no. I have not yet ventured into making Plasma or KDE themes at all.
They are entirely different from gtk themes.

That said, KDE is Highly configurable with a lot of GUI user access settings.
But customization of the nature that I do is harder on KDE. I find Plasma to almost stretch credulity that it was written by a programmer since the code and layout does not logically follow.

KDE does have strong long-term support and reliability. It is, among XFCE and a couple others, even a favorite of Linus Torvalds - who dislikes Gnome.


Ohhhhhh, I see, thats why I got confused and thought it was XFCE, cause its been used with XFCE. I never heard of X-Forms like ever in the 6+ years I've been on Linux, just one of those things that slipped by me.

I am sorry to hear that theming it would be more difficult for you though, I was seriously hoping it would be easy peasy lemon squeesy. But thing is, you do have the mind for it you know, theming and code.

If there is anyone who could figure it out, its most certainly you Aravisian! You know your the best themer in our community, I have no problem with you flying that flag. HEHE.

I still vote for KDE though, I think its the right choice, and it would be something I'd like to see from the Zorin team.


I would cast my vote for KDE but as the poll originator, must abstain.

That said, I agree and admit - I have great difficulty wrapping my mind around the tangled mess that is KDE. On the surface it is clean. Beneath the surface is what I usually refer to it as : An explosion in a kite string factory.


I once installed the kde plasma desktop, but then again it requires more cpu usage. I guess the pc requirements for ZorinOS using a kde desktop will be much higher, meaning that the overall user will have to be informed of this before installing.


And this is all one has to say, to keep people from trying to install and run it on a potato...

Zorin OS KDE System Requirements.

Core I5 6-Core 2.2GHZ turbo to 3GHZ or better CPU.
16GB or more of DDR4 or DDR5 RAM.
Requires Intel UHD Graphics or Nvidia GTX 1050 or better.
128GB HDD - 128GB SSD recommended.

That way we don't get 10,000 complaints from people whining that they couldn't get it to run on a potato. Its like, if you want to install Linux on your below standard 32-bit 1GHZ computer with 1GB RAM, install Bionic Pup. lol


Right, that's what I'm trying to say. Guess you already have a lot a questions about users having issues trying to install ZorinOS with Gnome on their laptops, with some reasonable hardware configurations.


Oh you have no idea how many users we get on here trying to install Zorin OS 16 CORE, on outdated hardware. Plus, some will try to install it on new hardware that is substandard too, like tablets that operate at 1GHZ with only 1GB RAM, and its like, yeah, not gonna happen people lol.


Maybe because linux had great support for older hardware in the past. I dont know how it is these days.


I can attest you that it is still the case.
The oldest system which is running Linux in our household is 11 years old HP netbook :nerd_face:


Haha yeah i should know this because my wifes laptop is 10 years old and running Pop! OS 21.04 :sweat_smile:.

But what about 32-bit systems, more and more distros cut 32-bit.


My last 32bit laptop which came with Windows XP is now rests in the Cyber Heaven. :angel:

So I do not have any system I could try my hands on. But since Debian is still supporting 32bit architecture, one can still find some Debian based distros for 32bit.