Zorin OS Screenshot thread

Oh my gosh, I freaking loved Windows XP, it was an awesome experience, especially after service pack 2 and 3! It ran so awesome on low end hardware too, I was able to install it on a PIII 530MHZ computer with 256MB of RAM and a 20GB HD.

Windows XP had awesome theming in it, before Microsoft decided to bring us back to a FLAT life of a whole lot of nothing. lol

So true.

My theme here is a mixture of Windows XP background image, Windows 7 theme and Windows 8 icons.

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Look at this theme, this one you will love

It's for cinnamon -> CinnXP (Windows xp theme for cinnamon only) - Gnome-look.org

for some reason the start menu is not in that theme here, maybe manual install ?


HEHE, yes I do love it! I have seen that wallpaper before on the forum, but never with Windows XP theme before. See, those rounded edges, and the whole bubblyness of WindowsXP? Thats what made it so popular.

Well that, and the fact it was a darn good OS in the background, as it was good looking on the forground. I even love how you captured the proper panel at the bottom, that looks accurate from my memory.

Just know, if Gilligan shows up at our island with his motley crew, we gonna kick him off, we don't need that wackydoodle causing problems. lol


That looks great @Storm


WOW, that is super neat Storm! A Dragon LIVE background, with music to match the situation. I feel like I was in a video game, and I told the Dragon, TIME, give me a chance to think about what APP I need to use against you.

Ohhhhhh, I know, you know what I am going to do to you Mr. Dragon? I am going to Bleachbit you. And all that fire your breathing, you just need to chill, I got some Icy Dock for you. :grin:


This is mine at the moment.


Its so perty! I like it, very much, yes indeed. And herrrrrreeeeeessssssss aaaaaaaaaaaaaa LIKE!

HEHE :grin:



Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
Big Sur?



I like that one too, so pretty! You folks post some really pretty stuff I must say.

WellUI Light GTK , I like square corners. Material originals dark blue shell.


What was the trick to get light theme but dark semi-transparent bar at bottom?
Which version and flavour of ZorinOS is this.

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I just set them that way in appearance settings after installing the themes.
Transparency is just a feature of that shell theme and the opacity can be changed in taskbar settings also with the override option. Zorin 16 Core


I like it Winged1!

Its very pretty, Its got a good style and look to it. Because the Zorin logo is white, I thought it was Windows10 at first. I had to look again, then realized, I need to drink more coffee.

Thank You, just 3rd party themes, conky and the floating taskbar setting.

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My new Zorin OS 16 PRO desktop background...