Zorin security question

yeah i done it but will zorin make the government and internet providers can't see my activities, can they?

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Now you are asking a completely different question regarding the security features of Zolin. I recommend you to start a new thread. This thread is now exceeding over 200 postings.

Here we are.
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so can they?

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I do not think so.
But let's wait for other volunteers to explain that to you.
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okee,because i dont trust any government in this world


Yes, its true you can surf the web safely by using proper common sense, security protection, some of which already comes in browsers like Chrome and Firefox. And when doing web searches, you can always use DuckDuckGo.

However, ISP's will always know your activites. And if the government wishes to, it can serve your ISP a court order, signed by a judge, to get all the data. But they only do that if they are doing a criminal investigation.

However, I can only speak on our country, not other's. Some goverments don't need a court order, they just simply order the IPS to turn over the data.

So, as you can see, there are different degrees of security. But as long as you are not doing anything illegal, you shouldn't have anything to worry about from your government, well, unless you live in a dictatorship, they do whatever they want.

As far as Zorin OS is concerned, Zorin OS does not record telemetry and send it off like Microsoft does. Its already been discussed about their install census. You can either enable it or disable it, your choice.

And thats another thing, key words, "Your Choice" Think about that a little bit. With Zorin OS, even Linux in general, it is your choice. Where as with Microsoft, they take choice away from you, mine your data, sell it to the highest bidder.

And have you heard what Apple is about to do now? Ohhhhh boy, they deploying Microsoft tactics. And once the new rules go into place, they will own your life with your Apple phone, and give all your data to authorities, government, as well as sell your data to the highest bidder.

Basically, Apple has become Microsoft, but perhaps a little worse.


very usefull,thanks bro,thats why i dont like microsoft and apple,thanks very much :smiley:


I agree with you 100%.

Except for:

Basically, Apple has become Microsoft, but perhaps a little lot worse.

FIFY :wink:

It is one reason I left macOS 2 years ago.


I was trying to be bit safe with my words just incase lol.


I praise your prudence.
But your chance to encounter :apple: fanboi is infinitesimally small in this forum :wink:


StarTreker has answered this quite well.
It does not really matter which OS you use, as far as Governments or ISP's are concerned. Web communications are the same.
Open VPN, NordVPN can offer some measure of privacy or prevention of interference from hackers, but not from ISP's or Governments. If you wish to be invisible to your ISP, you must go much further than just a VPN.

So, really what it comes down to is... (cough)
Most people are not so special that the government or the ISP has any interest in them. While conglomerate data can be gathered; to be "special" enough that the government would be interested in you would go along with you already knowing most of the steps to avoid being tracked in the first place.


how about i use tor?

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Do you mean Tor Browser? It is more private in the sense that it does not track your data, save it and forward it to buyers, like other browsers do. But this does not mean it is locked down and secure from ISP's or Governments.
A third party actor that wants access using the Tor Network needs little effort to get it.
Security within the deep web or the dark web is based on the lack of a catalog. Without locations (Web locations) being marked and cataloged, others do not know what location they need to use to access that information.
AntiVirus companies that claim they "scan the dark web" are being highly misleading. You cannot actively scan that which is not cataloged. There is no way of doing it.

If you access a known location within the deep or dark web, your ISP can easily see you do it.
This enables ISP's to slowly gather a library of marked locations over time.
Thwarting this usually involves onions packing up and moving periodically.
The location of that information may be secure, but this does not mean you are, unless you are a mobile hermit.

And remember: Tor - Pirates. Not exactly noble heros willing to protect your interests aside from their own. If offered a good price for your information...


Wow, thanks bro, it adds to my knowledge :smiley: :wink:

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Let me give you a word of advice about Tor...

Or deep web /Dark Web.

They don't like Noobs.

There is no "customer service" or "help me with this..."

If you walk into their world, you are expected to watch your pockets and know what you are doing. If you do not know how, they are not going to teach you.
Some may pretend to teach you, seeming oh so kind, while picking your pockets clean and giving you misinformation.
Some will not be so kind.

A noob is seen as a chump needing to be taught a lesson about walking into a den unarmed. Always.


Never let anyone convince you otherwise.


yes i take your advice,and of course I won't be accessing those two webs with my current skills, but later I would like to.

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I am not so sure regular desktop orientated distro such as Zorin is suitable for such purpose.

Tails may be?


im still young bro im 17,I won't waste my time on useless things even though I'm young,i will keep learning until my skill is high then im gonna acess it..because i want to be soldiers in the field of information, and also I am a person who always wants to try and want to know.

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I suppose that depends on your intentions. The deep web is massive. Many hundreds of times larger than the web.
The currency in the deep web is not bitcoin. It is information. And the web is largely populated by ol' school nerds, scientists and journalists.
It is an equalizer and who you are is not relevant and you are not a person. Only what is in your pockets matters.

It does not matter so much how you access it, as long as you know what to do with yourself once you do. No different from Wikipedia, really. It doesn't matter how you access it, only what you do with what you find there. If you edit a lie into a wiki page, you may get people coming after you. And if you did not cover your access point well, they can find you. But the important part there is about drawing attention to yourself that people want to find you in the first place.
The deep web is big and you need to stand out to matter.